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    PlayStation Home Update: Help us Obi Wan Kenobi, aliens are attacking Home

    by Lucy Newman on Feb 21, 2010 at 07:13 PM

    Androids are now being recruited to defend Home from a new alien threat. Aliens have been spotted abducting small animals and threatening Home residents. In much the same fashion as the zombie vs humans and hamster vs humans battles, there’s going to be a dance-a-thon to see who stays and who goes on PS Home. Check out this new HOME News broadcast and decide which team you wish to join.

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    PlayStation Store Update: Tons of bonus content specials and price drops (February 21 to 27, 2010)

    by Lucy Newman on Feb 20, 2010 at 07:12 PM

    PSN Store update banner for 2009
    This week’s featured downloadable PS3 game is the long awaited missing memory sequences for Assassin’s Creed II: The Bonfire of the Vanities at $4.99 for just the memory sequence or $9.99 for memory sequence and to unlock the secret Templar locations in Froli. Another intense battle awaits for Ezio in the final missing memory sequence of the story. After acquiring the coveted Apple of Eden in sequence 10, Ezio returns to Froli to seek help from the Countess Caterina Sforza, a strong woman with a foul mouth who is not afraid to speak her mind on any topic, in sequence 11 made available in January for $3.99. But when Froli comes under attack by the Orsi Brothers leading an army of Templars, something goes wrong and the Apple of Eden is stolen sending Ezio on an important mission to get it back.

    Check out Assassin’s Creed II: Bonfire of the Vanities

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    G.A.N.G. finalists announced, winners will be awarded at GDC 2010

    by Lucy Newman on Feb 17, 2010 at 08:42 PM

    GANG awards to be given during Game Developers Conference this year.The Game Audio Network Guild just announced the finalists for its 8th Annual G.A.N.G awards. The finalists will be judged and winners will be awarded during the March 12, 2010, Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, CA (USA).

    This year’s nominees include Assassin’s Creed 2 and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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    PS Home Update: Love is in the air on PlayStation Home

    by Lucy Newman on Feb 13, 2010 at 06:41 PM

      This Valentine’s Day, help Jerry meet his quota and keep his job by finding the love letters he left in the mall. Have a friend help you match the clothing of the person described in the letter and take a photo in the photo booth located below the spiral stairs on the first floor of the mall for a reward. More details can be found online at the Cupid On Notice website. Rewards range from a cute little photo frame to your own pair of cupid wings.

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    PlayStation Store Update: Heavy Rain in forecast along with price drops (February 14 to 20, 2010)

    by Lucy Newman on Feb 13, 2010 at 04:16 PM
    PSN Store update banner for 2009

    This week’s PlayStation 3 downloadable game is actually a demo for the upcoming PS3 exclusive thriller Heavy Rain. This demo allows players to play two full chapters of the game through the eyes of Private Investigator Scott Shelby and FBI Agent Norman Jayden and assists them in their investigation of the Origami Killer. By selecting their actions and questions, the characters get clues from reluctant witnesses and suspects. Each question yields different results and different consequences. Grab an umbrella and check out Heavy Rain:
    (Warning: The demo does contain adult subject matter, cursing and intense violence, because of these elements Sony requests an age verification in order to watch this video.)

    This week’s featured downloadable game is the PlayStation One Classic Sim Theme Park for $5.99. Create and manage a theme park from designing rides like a rollercoaster, to controlling the prices of food and other merchandise. Check out Sim Theme Park for the PS3:

    Price Drops:

    *Unless specified all prices are temporary and can return to its full original price at any time.

    • Trine (PS3/Was $19.99/Now $9.99)
    • Patapon 2 (PS3/Was $19.99/Permanent Price Now $14.99)
    • Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack Bundle (PS3/Was $24.99/Now $19.99)

    Special Bundle Offers

    • Valkyria Chronicles “Love Conquers All” Bundle (PS3/$9.99)
    • Sonic Unleashed “Unleash Your Desire” Bundle (PS3/$11.99)
    • Burnout Paradise Complete Downloadable Content Bundle (PS3/$19.99)
    • Crazy Taxi & Full Auto 2 “Driving Me Crazy” Bundle (PSP/$19.99)
    • Burnout Paradise Complete Edition Bundle (PS3/$29.99)
    • Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 “Set My Pulse Racing” Bundle (PSP/$29.99)

    Here’s what else is new

    Downloadable Games

    • Spaceball: Revolution (PSP/$4.99)
    • PSOne Classic: Dirt Jockey (PS3/$5.99)
    • PSOne Classic: Populous: The Beginning (PS3/$5.99)

    Free Demos

    • echoshift Demo (PSP/Free)
    • SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 Demo (PSP/Free)

    Bonus Content

    • LittleBigPlanet PSP Lurve Costume (PSP/Free)
    • LittleBigPlanet Chinese New Year Costume (PS3/Free)
    • Dante’s Inferno Free Soul Pack (PS3/Free)
    • Fairytale Fights Treasure Pack 1 (PS3/Free)
    • NBA Live 10 All-Star Weekend Pack (PS3/Free)
    • Dante’s Inferno Small Soul Pack (PS3/99 cents)
    • Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Six Individual Additional Character Colors (PS3/$1.99 each)
    • Dante’s Inferno Medium Soul Pack (PS3/$1.99)
    • LittleBigPlanet Valentine’s Day Mini-Pack (PS3/$2.99)
    • LittleBigPlanet PSP Lurve Theme Level Pack (PSP/$2.99)
    • Dante’s Inferno Large Soul Pack (PS3/$3.99)
    • Dark Void Survivor Missions (PS3/$4.99)
    • Blazblue: Calamity Trigger All Additional Colors 2 (PS3/$4.99)
    • Blazblue: Calamity Trigger All Additional Colors 3 (PS3/$4.99)
    • Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Other Unlimited Characters Unlocked (PS3/$4.99)

    Guitar Hero 5

    • Breaking Benjamin Track Pack (PS3/$5.49)
    • Individual Tracks Include:
    • “Until The End” by Breaking Benjamin (PS3/$1.99)
    • “Sooner or Later” by Breaking Benjamin (PS3/$1.99)
    • “Give Me A Sign” by Breaking Benjamin (PS3/$1.99)

    Rock Band

    • Rust in Peace (Album)— Megadeth (PS3/$14.99)
    • Individual Tracks Include:
    • “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due” by Megadeth (PS3/$1.99)
    • “Hangar 18″ by Megadeth (PS3/$1.99)
    • “Take No Prisoners” by Megadeth (PS3/$1.99)
    • “Five Magics” by Megadeth (PS3/$1.99)
    • “Poison Was the Cure” by Megadeth (PS3/$1.99)
    • “Lucretia” by Megadeth (PS3/$1.99)
    • “Tornado of Souls” by Megadeth (PS3/$1.99)
    • “Dawn Patrol” by Megadeth (PS3/$1.99)
    • “Rust in Peace… Polaris” by Megadeth (PS3/$1.99)

    Game Videos

    • The Tester Preview Episode (PS3/PSP/Free)
    • Dante’s Inferno Developer Diary – Gluttony (PSP/Free)
    • Dante’s Inferno Developer Diary – Lust (PSP/Free)
    • Valkryia Chronicles II Teaser Trailer (PSP/Free)
    • Ultimate Board Game Collection Trailer (PSP/Free)
    • White Knight Chronicles IE Launch Trailer (PS3/Free)
    • Heavy Rain Gameplay Engine Trailer (PS3/Free)
    • After Burner Climax Announcement Network Trailer (PS3/Free)
    • Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Hd Up Close #1 Network Trailer (PS3/Free)
    • Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Hd Up Close #2 Network Trailer (PS3/Free)
    • Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Hd Up Close #3 Network Trailer (PS3/Free)
    • Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Hd Up Close #4 Network Trailer (PS3/Free)
    • Just Cause 2: Grapple Documentary Video (PS3/Free)
    • Army of Two: The 40th Day “World Tour” (PS3/Free)

    Digital Comics

    (Warning: To view comics PSP owners must download the latest firmware featuring the reader and update their PSP systems first before downloading comics. Also note that some comics may contain suggestive themes, partial nudity, violence or gore. Always read the description before downloading or visit the new PSN Comic site for detailed information about a comic series if you are easily offended.)

    • Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth 2 (PSP/99 cents)
    • Donald Duck Origami Maestro (PSP/99 cents)
    • Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse: Calamari Rising # 11 (PSP/99 cents)
    • Ultraheroes: Gathering # 1 (PSP/99 cents)
    • Scrooge McDuck and the Witchy Business (PSP/99 cents)
    • Tank Girl: The Gifting # 1 (PSP/99 cents)
    • Tank Girl: The Gifting # 2 (PSP/99 cents)
    • Locke & Key: Head Games # 1 (PSP/99 cents)
    • 2000AD Prog # 1666 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Daredevil (1998) # 96 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Daredevil (1998) # 97 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Donald Duck and the Three Musketeers #1 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Groom Lake # 3 (PSP/$1.99)*
    • Groom Lake # 4 (PSP/$1.99)*
    • Marvel Zombies (2005) # 1 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Marvel Zombies (2005) # 2 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Marvel Zombies (2005) # 3 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Marvel Zombies (2005) # 4 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Marvel Zombies (2005) # 5 (PSP/$1.99)
    • The Incredible Hulk (1999) # 95 (PSP/$1.99)
    • The Incredible Hulk (1999) # 96 (PSP/$1.99)
    • The Incredible Hulk (1999) # 97 (PSP/$1.99)
    • The Incredible Hulk (1999) # 98 (PSP/$1.99)
    • The Incredible Hulk (1999) # 99 (PSP/$1.99)
    • The Incredible Hulk (1999) # 100 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Transformers: All Hail Megatron # 11 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 483 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 484 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Uncanny X-Men (2003) # 485 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Wolverine (2003) # 32 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Wolverine (2003) # 33 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Wolverine (2003) # 34 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Wolverine (2003) # 35 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Wolverine (2003) # 36 (PSP/$1.99)
    • Wolverine (2003) # 37 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men (2004) # 181 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men (2004) # 182 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men (2004) #183 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men (2004) # 184 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men (2004) # 185 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men (2004) # 186 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men: Colossus Bloodline (2005) # 1 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men: Colossus Bloodline (2005) # 2 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men: Colossus Bloodline (2005) # 3 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men: Colossus Bloodline (2005) # 4 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Men: Colossus Bloodline (2005) # 5 (PSP/$1.99)
    • X-Mickey: The Carousel # 6 (PSP/$1.99)
    • *Issues 3 and 4 of Groom Lake includes audio commentary from both artist and creator.

    Themes and Wallpapers

    • BioShock 2 Single-Player Theme (PS3/Free)
    • Army of Two: The 40th Day PS3 Theme (PS3/Free)
    • Dante’s Inferno Theme (PS3/Free)
    • Azmodeus Dark Angels Theme 11 (PSP/99 cents)
    • Azmodeus Dark Angels Theme 12 (PSP/99 cents)
    • Lindsay Kaye Theme 1 (PSP/$1.49)
    • Lindsay Kaye Theme 2 (PSP/$1.49)
    • Dita Von Teese Premium Theme (PS3/$1.99)
    • Flower Dynamic Theme (PS3/$2.99)
    • WipEout HD Dynamic Theme (PS3/$2.99)
    • Trash Panic Dynamic Theme (PS3/$2.99)

    Read [PlayStation Store Blog] Also Read [PlayStation Comic Blog] Site [PlayStation Comics] Site [Official Marvel Comics Site] Site [PlayStation]

    Image Source:PlayStation Comics


    PlayStation Home Update: New Villain’s Lair at the Mall

    by Lucy Newman on Feb 9, 2010 at 05:03 PM

    The newest space available at the Real Estate store is the Villian’s Lair for $5.99 which features two mini-games, Village Griefer and World Domination, a huge aquarium full of exotic fish and a shark, hot molten lava and a laser protected trophy room.

    And, of course, a big ol’ list of new stuff for your avatar.

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    PlayStation Store Update: Nice Frets, PSP games sale (February 7 to 13, 2009)

    by Lucy Newman on Feb 6, 2010 at 08:00 PM

    PSN Store update banner for 2009
    This week’s PlayStation 3 downloadable game is Fret Nice for $14.99. In this game players “strum” their way through this cute platform style game, defeat enemies with a few riff combos and create their own soundtracks as they navigate this game with either a regular or guitar controller.

    This week’s featured PSP downloadable game is After Burner: Black Falcon for $15.99 and nine PSP games are on sale.

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    PlayStation Home Update: Another British invasion, new fantasy Items at the mall

    by Lucy Newman on Feb 2, 2010 at 07:21 PM

    From the company that brought Monty Python’s Knights costumes to PlayStation Home not too long ago, it’s another British invasion from VeeMee with its latest creation, the London Pub Personal Space for $5.99.

    Players who pre-ordered MAG through Amazon will receive a code for the SVER Barracks personal space.

    Players can purchase a Slurpee from a 7-11 in their area and redeem the reward points found on the cup online at Slurpee Nation to receive a voucher code that allows players to unlock exclusive PS3 and Home rewards or gives access to downloadable wallpapers and themes as well as a special voucher code that unlocks an in-game alternate outfit for Kratos.

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    PlayStation Store Update: Get ready to Hustle the billiard tables (January 31 to February 6, 2009)

    by Lucy Newman on Jan 31, 2010 at 11:49 AM
    PSN Store update banner for 2009

    This week’s PlayStation 3 downloadable game is Hustle Kings for $9.99. This realistic-looking pool simulation game features more than just earning a PSN trophy.

    This week’s featured PSP downloadable game is Route 66 for $3.99. Players assist biker Madeleine Mayflower in finding various items as she explores 25 different locations along Route 66 starting from California to Illinois by searching the area and finding various items hidden throughout.

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    Sony Home Update: Elegant new space, Sodium One hints, new unlockable rewards

    by Lucy Newman on Jan 26, 2010 at 01:13 PM

    The newest personal space available at the Real Estate Store (located on the first and second floor of the mall) is the Paris Clock Tower apartment for $4.99. This rather elegant looking space is set right inside a clock tower overlooking the city of Paris and a busy street below with an interesting gargoyle perched just outside the window. Keep an eye on it and you may just see it take off flying.

    For those of you who managed to track me down on Home to ask about Sodium One, I have figured out how to squish the Red and Blue Scorpions…

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