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    Xbox Live Update for the week of February 21 through 27, 2010

    by Brian Allen on Feb 24, 2010 at 06:27 PM

    The high profile release on Xbox Live this week is an add-on to surprise RPG hit Borderlands, as Gearbox Software dares you to raid The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. It raises character level caps to 61. That’s right, this level cap goes up by 11. In addition to the new level cap, this add-on comes with new guns, class mods and vehicles. There are also new mission and enemy types. This game is an awesome fusion of the RPG and shooter genres, so if you’re a fan of either you should pick this up. The Secret Armory is 800 Microsoft Points.

    Coming to Star Wars:The Force Unleashed is the Hoth Bonus Level. Apprentice Starkiller’s mission to kill Luke Skywalker (Spoiler Alert: He does not succeed) will take him to the hidden Rebel base on Hoth. You’ll infiltrate Echo Base, battle Rebel forces and for good measure, fight some wampas. Wampas on Xbox 360, that’s sci-fi nirvana right there. The Hoth Bonus Level is 800 Microsoft Points.

    On February 25, 2010, FIFA 10 will receive the Ultimate Team add-on which challenges players to build the, well, Ultimate Team by collecting player cards. In addition to signing great players, you will need to watch the chemistry level of your team to succeed. This is the second year of the Ultimate Team add-on, which became popular enough that it spread to Madden this year. Unlike the free Madden Ultimate Team, the FIFA 10 version will run you 400 Microsoft Points.

    Hitting the arcade on February 24, 2010 is Fret Nice, a 2-D platformer that asks you to defeat heavy metal bosses with “Riff Combos.” This Tecmo-published game goes for 1,200 Microsoft Points. Also coming February 24 is strategy game Greed Corp., which challenges you to some resource harvesting multiplayer fun. If neither of those games are for you, February 24 brings the chance to search for relics with Dr. Diggabone in Lazy Raiders. Dr. Diggabone or your Xbox Live Avatar can dodge traps and evil minions in the search for fame and fortune.

    Coming to Games on Demand is PURE, an offroad racing game that challenges drivers to pull off tricks and extreme jumps. In this game it’s not enough to send your bike 1,000 feet in the air, you need to be standing on your handlebars when it happens. PURE will run you $19.99 and requires 4 GB of hard space.

    The Xbox Live Deal of the Week is Duke Nukem 3D for 400 Microsoft Points. Duke Nukem’s fans probably have resigned themselves to the idea that Duke Nukem Forever is never coming out. Now you can relive the classic days of Duke Nukem with the added bonus of achievements. As the man himself would say, “Come get some.”

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