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Valentine’s Day 2010: Great handmade gamer gifts from Etsy

by Jenni Lada on Feb 7, 2010 at 11:00 AM

Handmade items always make a fantastic gift, no matter what the occasion, but they’re especially suitable for Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s a good way to make someone feel special, since you’re getting them what could be a one-of-a-kind item that’s exactly his or her taste.

Sadly, not all people are crafty enough to create their own gifts. A good alternative is to check out the various shops at Many of the artists selling their wares there have a wide variety of items and gadgets appropriate for your video game valentine.

To make shopping easier, Gamertell has gone through some of the Etsy shops to put together a list of some of the best, homemade video game gifts. If you buy something now, you should be able to get it in time for February 14, 2010.


  • Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S. cell phone charm: For $3 you can get your loved one a Raccoon City Police Department emblem for your cell phone.
  • Half-Life patch: You could pick up a $3 Half-Life insignia patch that your special someone could put on clothes or a bag.
  • Portal Companion Cube pin set: A set of two Portal pins that have the companion cubes and cute designs on them. The shop also has a large selection of other, video game pins. This set, and many others at the store, is $3.50, and many of their single pins are sold for $1.50.


  • Clearly Tetris Bangle Bracelet: A Tetris bangle bracelet would make a cool, retro gift for $25.
  • Left 4 Dead Scrabble Tile Pendant: You can pick up a $5 necklace where the pendant is an old Scrabble tile with a decorative image on one side. The Left 4 Dead design is just one of many video game themed pendants available in this shop.
  • ASCII Heart Emote Rose Quartz Necklace: For $34.99 you can give a necklace that shows someone is loved all the time. The necklace chain is sterling silver, and the pendant is a heart-shaped piece of rose quartz with “<3″ engraved into it.



  • Warhammer hair clips: Get some hair clips with the Warhammer logo on them for $7.99. The shop also has other video game hairclips to choose from for the same price.
  • Pac-Man black tie: Ties are a common gift, yes, but Pac Man ties aren’t! It’s $14.
  • Legend of Zelda Link Hat: orgXIII’s Etsy shop has multiple styles of Link hats, each priced at $25.
  • NES Cartridge Cufflinks: A neat option for any gamer. They’re small, so unless you look close you won’t even notice they’re NES cartridges. They’re $27 and you can choose what game you want. They’re custom made though, so they may not arrive in time.

Miscellaneous Cool Stuff

  • Magnetic Katamari: Does the one you adore love Katamari Damacy? Then check out this $26 magnetic, handmade Katamari. It’ll roll up metal objects.
  • Flask with Legend of Zelda crest: A stainless steel flask with the Zelda crest on it is $32.
  • Vinyl Activision Tennis Cartridge: If you have a spare $375, get a 2-foot tall, signed, one-of-a-kind, vinyl Activision Tennis cartridge replica that appeared at the 2009 Game Over/Continue? show. There’s also a Skiing version available.
Site [Etsy]

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  • Jessica Moen from Chicago, IL said:
    Avatar for Jessica Moen

    Jenni will you buy my the Link hats!? thanks!!

  • Jenni Lada from Chicago said:
    Avatar for Jenni Lada

    LOL They are kinda neat, right?

    I think the Tetris bangle looks cooler!

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