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    US Navy considering using video games to train recruits

    by Christian Morlotte on May 30, 2010 at 03:15 AM

    With the appearance of different control schemes for video games, developers have found new ways to get people involved and engaged with the action on the screen. Music games have been greatly benefited by this and motion sensing controllers like the Wiimote have prompted many people to interact with games in a more physical way.

    Perhaps one of the most popular games with this approach is Nintendo’s Wii Fit, which has created a way for people to get involved with physical activities like jogging or yoga while getting a positive feedback through the animations and displays on the screen.

    With the success of this approach, the US military is getting interested in the benefits of this kind of training and is looking forward to incorporating some of its ideas. Of course this doesn’t mean that they are trying to replace the good ol’ fashioned push-ups and chin-ups, but instead they are trying to focus on some new recruits that may be more comfortable with this approach for getting into shape for the regular training.

    The Navy thinks that many young people spend more time playing video games than engaging in sports and other physical activities. The program would be geared towards getting these young men and women fit in a manner that they are more familiar with.

    I think this idea could work if they could come up with some kind of military simulator that required the user to engage in heavy physical activity. Maybe the new recruits could be put through different scenarios in the sim until they are fit to start training regularly.

    Read [Navy Times] Also read [Tech Freq News]

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