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    Top 10 iPhone, iPod Touch games every gamer should try

    by Kris Rosado on Aug 20, 2009 at 09:50 AM

    In lieu of digging through most of garbage apps that make up the App Store landfill (I kid, I kid) this week, I decided it would be better to spend my time offering suggestions of gaming apps you’d actually want to try.

    Sure, some of these apps are the obvious mentions and there definitely are more than just these ten games that make up the rare good gaming app pile but I didn’t want you kiddies to overdose on too much of a good thing.

    Staying true to the App Store Update, I have included iTunes links to each game, as well as big pretty pictures.

    Enough ranting however, here’s what you should be downloading:

    1.Ancient Tribe / CDE / Price: $1.99

    If for nothing else, then at least Ancient Tribe shows us that real-time strategy games can work on the iPhone. Luckily, Ancient Tribe looks good and is addicting as well. The point of the game is to raise your tribe to greatness. Accomplishing this requires us to gather resources such as wood and stones, recruit villagers to hunt various prehistoric wildlife for food and upgrade to bigger and better things. It may not mean that Starcraft will be sitting for App Store approval anytime soon but at least we know it could be done.

    2. Baseball Superstars / Gamevil / Price: $2.99

    If you like baseball, anime styled characters with big heads, and various gaming modes including a create your own character career mode, than it’s a safe bet that you need to download Baseball Superstars. While I have never been particularly fond of Baseball games, something about this game has dragged me through 14 seasons at 30 something games a season. Yeah, it’s addicting.

    3. Space Invaders: Infinity Gene /  / Price: $4.99

    Another classic game with a modern twist, only this time instead of bright colored visuals, Space Invaders melds with the wireframe world ala REZ. It’s a vertical scrolling shooter acid trip evolution of the Space Invaders series. As you progress through the trip, the game “evolves” offering new firing modes, addition gaming modes, and galleries. If you are a shooter fan, then five bucks is well worth the trip.

    4. Knights Onrush / Chillingo LTD / Price: $0.99

    Knights Onrush is a brilliant time waster. The basic idea is to repel would be invaders that include assassins, wizards, catapults, and various soldiers. Accomplishing this goal requires us to flick units up in the air to splatter them on the ground below, sacrifice them to fire pits and dragons, all to build up points used for castle and weapon upgrades. Did I mention dragon sacrifices? 

    5. Oregon Trail / Gameloft S.A. / Price: $4.99

    The classic game of education and hardships during the westward expansion days of our country has been given a modern facelift. Mini-games, bright colored artwork, bandits, and child stealing eagles, oh and of course there’s historical facts to view and play as you make your way to possible riches all right from the palms of your hands. Be sure to bring some reading material along your journal, a review perhaps?

    6. Zenonia / Gamevil / Price: $2.99

    Role playing games on the iPhone has been a sore subject of discussion. Chronicles of Inotia seemed like a home run at first, but at closer glance Inotia was underwhelming in its execution, though it looked good.

    Zenonia offers us a bit more of a better experience. The plot isn’t anything special but the gameplay is. Though it will probably appeal more to the hardcore, the use of game mechanics such as item degradation, level grinding, skill tree completion, and even eating, Zenonia offers a deep enough experience to please most RPG fans.

    7. The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition / Lucasfilm International Services Inc. / Price: $7.99

    It’s Monkey Island. Need I really say more? Alright kiddos, I see you eying your eight dollars so here we go. The Secret of Monkey Island is a classic point-and-click adventure stuffed with enough pirate humor to laugh off your crusty barnacles wherever you may have them. While the game is available for download on PC, having this portable, touch screen version seems more practical. 

    8. HotField/ Chen Bo / Price: $0.99

    There are numerous shooters on the iPhone and Hotfield ranks amongst the best of them for its visuals and gameplay The price isn’t bad either. At times playing Hotfield reminds me of playing something like DoDonPachi or Giga Wing. The way the game looks has a lot to do with it but there’s also the giant score icons rushing at your ship, large laser fire, big bosses and sporadic bullet patterns to add to the experience.

    9. TapDefense / LL Group, LLC / Price: FREE

    Tower defense games on the iPhone are a dime a dozen, so what makes this one so special? Besides it’s simplicity yet challenging nature, the game is free and it’s hard to argue a price tag like that, right? Check out our review on TapDefense while your waiting for the download.

    10. Space Deadbeef / Yuji Yasuhara / Price: FREE

    Sure the title of this game makes no sense but that hardly matters when you see the Ikaruga-like visual aesthetic. Space Deadbeef is one level of increasing difficulty, mixed with side-scrolling shooter love. At a price of $0.00, why not test your skills against the Beef?

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