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    The Crazies invade theaters, games and comic books

    by Brian Allen on Mar 4, 2010 at 08:14 PM

    Overture Films’ new horror release The Crazies is getting some good buzz. Longtime genre fans will remember the original film by George Romero about a small Kansas town driven to the brink (in violent fashion) by a contaminated water supply.

    Romero’s flicks have influenced a whole generation of both film makers and video game designers, with games including Resident Evil and Dead Rising paying the director homage. The characters from this horror remake have now turned up in comic book and video game form. Among the game tie-ins are a Facebook “tower defense” game, a viral application that allows you to battle friends and an iPhone app that lets you “Crazify” photos.
    In the Facebook game The Crazies Tower Defense,  players must protect Ogden Marsh from an endless barrage of Crazies attacking the town. Players are able to share their progress and achievements with friends, just as they might in Facebook hits Mafia Wars or Farmville. As in those games, while there is no cost to play you can pay to purchase better in-game items.

    The interactive game Battlemail allows users to “battle” their friends as a “Crazy” from the movie via email or through Facebook. Accessible through The Crazies movie site, players choose ten attack moves and challenge their friends. Friends then choose ten attack moves of their own and the battle is played out in a live action movie clip users can watch. Those videos can be emailed or posted to the user’s Facebook wall.

    This next one isn’t a game per se but the iPhone app Beware The Infectedallows users to photograph themselves or friends, “crazify” their face, and insert that picture into a wanted poster.  You can then e-mail that photo from the application.

    In stores now is a Top Cow four-chapter comic book tracing the Ogden Marsh outbreak and Starz Digital Media has released a four-part motion comic series as an companion to the film and based on the comic.  Episode 1 of the motion comic series, “Hopman Bog,”  is now available for purchase on iTunes and PlayStation Network.

    Site [The Crazies Tower Defense]  Also Read [The Crazies Movie]

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