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    Street Fighter IV shrinks to fit on your iPhone

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 15, 2010 at 03:29 PM

    Capcom has decided that the iPhone would be the perfect platform for Street Fighter IV. So, the company has been working on an iPhone port that will, surprisingly, be out in March, 2010. I’m amazed the company was able to keep a game like this a secret!

    The iPhone version of Street Fighter IV is going to be a pretty faithful adaptation of the console and PC game, which you can see above. It’s using graphics from the current-gen code, so the game will look very similar, only much, much smaller. Capcom also promises a huge roster of characters, with movesets from the original versions including those special Ultras attacks. The full roster hasn’t been revealed, but both Ryu and Ken have been confirmed for the portable incarnation of the game.

    The one major change is the control scheme. There will be virtual pads implemented, with multiple configuration customization options. So the directional stick and four action buttons will appear on the playing screen, only slightly translucent to hopefully keep from being too distracting.

    It’s a nice idea, sure, but I think it’s a mistake. The IGN exclusive screenshots just don’t look right. The virtual control pad is obtrustive. And the graphics look shoddy when shrunk down to fit the iPhone’s screen. If Capcom wanted to make a portable version of Street Fighter IV, then the company should have turned to the PSP. At least that system could have done the game justice.

    Read [IGN] Via [Kotaku]

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    • NookSurfer from CA said:

      I can see it already…the quarters lining up on my office desk, close the doors, take a number…time to start up the office competition. Gives me something else to do on those long conference calls. =)

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