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    Spoiler Alert: Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions

    by Jeremy Hill on Feb 9, 2010 at 09:16 AM
    gamertell spoiler alert logo

    Caveat Lector: There are times where a game is released where you really want to know what happened but you either can’t or don’t want to buy or play it. To help you out, Gamertell offers Spoiler Alert. We’ll play the games and tell you what happened so you don’t have to spend, or waste, your time on it. Prepare to be spoiled.

    Mass Effect 2 Tali and Thane

    In this edition of Spoiler Alert, we run down the biggest moments of Mass Effect 2.

    One of the main plot points of Mass Effect 2 deals with gaining the loyalty of your crew.

    You gain loyalty by completing missions that are specific to each member of your squad. Some missions require you to make a big decision that will impact how your teams state of mind is. For example in Tali’s mission, you have to decide whether to tell the court that Tali’s father reactivated Geth soldiers in a science experiment, or hold your tongue and let Tali become exiled from the Migrant Fleet.

    Here’s some loyalty mission spoilers:

    • Miranda “rescued” her twin sister from her controlling father years ago. Miranda’s father tracks her sister down from buying off Miranda’s good friend. The friend gets killed and Miranda meets her now grown sister.
    • Thane wants to stop his son from following in his footsteps and becoming an assassin. You track the target until Thane can talk his son out of killing. Note: You can screw up this mission and Thane’s son gets away.
    • Jack goes back to the facility where she grew up. She was often tortured and isolated from other kids. Before you blow the place up, a former resident of the facility who wants to rebuild it. Shepard can kill him outright but Jack suggests you let him go. Then she blows it up.
    • Zaeed wants revenge from the founder of the Blue Suns mercenary group. While chasing him Zaeed sets off an impending explosion that will level the whole facility. You can choose to save the innocent workers of the plant or leave them to kill Zaeed’s enemy.
    • Jacob picks up on an emergency SOS from his father’s ship that disappeared long ago. When you arrive you learn Jacob’s father made the ships crew eat wildlife that turned their brains to mush. Some of the crew have become hunters and want Jacob’s father dead. You can help him or let him get beaten to death. I chose the latter.
    • Mordin is looking for his star pupil whom he believes is in trouble. You learn his student is trying to develop a cure for the genophage and reverse what Mordin has done. However he performs cruel experiments to get results. Mordin kills his pupil if you don’t intervene.
    • Grunt wants to prove he’s a true Krogan despite being created in a tube. You fight in an arena leading up to a battle with the Thresher Maw. Kill him and Grunt is loyal to you.
    • Legion needs your help in reprogramming or destroying the heretics that do the Reapers bidding. Legion is made up of many Geth that hasn’t been corrupted. I saved them so maybe the Geth will be an ally in Mass Effect 3.
    • Garrus wants to kill the one that got away. Shepard’s job is to distract the target long enough for Garrus to take his shot. This is simple enough.
    • Samara wants to kill her daughter who is seducing and killing anyone she sleeps with. Shepard has to convince the daughter to take him/her back to her apartment. Samara comes out and a biotic fight begins.

    At the end of my game Tali’s head was on the receiving end of a rocket.

    I’m starting to think I should have picked Legion be my technician during the suicide mission.

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