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    Spoiler Alert: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 4, 2010 at 08:15 AM
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    There are times where a game is released where you really want to know what happened, but you either can’t or don’t want to buy or play it. To help you out, Gamertell offer Spoiler Alert. We’ll play the games and tell you what happens to see whether or not you should spend your time playing it. This week, we’re looking at Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, the action-RPG Wii adventure from Square Enix. Prepare to be spoiled.

    Most of the game has Layle, a Clavat Crystal Bearer, chasing after a Yuke he’s dubbed Goldenrod, as part of a mission acquired by his Selkie partner Keiss for the Lilty kingdom. He’s supposed to stop and destroy Goldenrod, and find out why she is collecting Crystal Idols. Along the way he is constantly, though not by choice, joined or trailed by a Selkie named Belle.

    It turns out the Lilties didn’t totally exterminate the Yuke tribe. Goldenrod, who’s real name is Amidatelion, is the last Yuke and a Crystal Bearer who is collecting Crystal Shards and using the Crystal Idols to revive the Yuke Tribe and the Yukes’ crystal, as the Crystal Principle must be restored to keep the world from being destroyed. Layle agrees to help her. She ends up sacrificing herself to save Jegran from killing Layle.

    High Commander Jegran, of the Lilty army, is the real villain. He is a crystal bearer as well, with the ability to turn people and things into crystals. He did so to the previous Lilty king of Alfitaria, Althea’s father, Layle’s former partner Blaze and Vaigali, head of the Selkie tribe. He attempted to crystalize Althea, but she turns out to be a Crystal Bearer as well. He tries to exterminate the Selkie tribe by turning them into crystals to power his Crystal Reactors and finally kidnaps Althea. He fuses with the Alexis and declares he will become a god and create a Crystal Principle.

    Layle defeats Jegran, causing Jegran to lose his Crystal Bearer abilities and the Yuke Crystal to be destroyed. Jegran attempts to take Layle with him as falls, but Layle escapes. Layle goes off, presumably on new adventures. Althea loses her Crystal Bearer abilities and rebuilds Alfitaria. Keiss is offered position as Alfitaria’s high commander, but turns it down to lead the Selkie guild in Vaigali’s place. Belle “borrows” Keiss’ airship to search for Layle.

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