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    Deal of the Day: Splinter Cell: Conviction CE half-price Sale

    by James Bishop on Jun 2, 2010 at 10:00 PM

    Splinter Cell: Conviction Box ArtThe one good thing to come out of major publishers beginning to have their own stores attached to their websites is the fact that it adds to the list of places to scout for deals. Picking up The Saboteur from EA Store for $20 after PAX East was the highlight of such deals for me but now Ubisoft has gone and upped the ante.

    For a limited time, UBIShop — it really is named this, I swear; I couldn’t make this stuff up — has everyone’s favorite spy on sale for the low, low price of $34.99. How limited, you might ask? Unconfirmed. The amount of time that this sale will be going on has yet to be revealed. If you didn’t purchase at launch and have been waiting to pick up this gem, $35 is an absolute steal and hard to pass on so my own personal feelings on the matter is that it won’t be around very long.

    To be fair, Ubisoft might have had a hard time pushing the Collector’s Edition considering they might have been packaged with defective USB drives. When buying the limited version of any game, it’s the swag that makes the difference and perhaps the little-tech-that-couldn’t scared more people off than they expected.

    Even though the PS2 Prince of Persia box art was drastically changed and Ubisoft’s DRM policies are positively archaic, they still do manage to do a few things right. If Splinter Cell: Conviction is on sale for half of what it cost at launch, there is absolutely no reason for your 360 collection to be without it.

    Site [UBIShop] Read [Joystiq]

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