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    Latest Smartphones Headlines
    • GTA: Chinatown Wars sneaks onto App Store

      GTA: Chinatown Wars had also been ported to the PSP after sales of the original DS version turned out to be less than stellar. The iPhone and iPod Touch version will reclaim the touch based mini-games that made Chinatown Wars so unique in the first. These mini-games include hotwiring cars, selling and buying drugs and utilizing your characters PDA.

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    More Smartphones Headlines

    Square Enix announced Jump Festa 2010 playable games

    by Jenni Lada on Dec 8, 2009 at 11:11 AM

    Jump Festa, a good chance to get a preview of what import games will be out in 2010, is fast approaching. It’s happening December 19-20, 2009 this year, and video game developers and publishers like Capcom, Koei, Konami, Sega, Sony, Square Enix, Nintendo, Hudson, Namco Bandai, Banpresto and Marvelous Entertainment… Continue Reading »

    House MD game making house calls, sorta

    by Jessica Moen on Nov 30, 2009 at 11:42 PM

    Finally, my favorite TV show House MD is being made into a video game! Unfortunately it is only a mobile phone game, but it’s a start. House MD the mobile game was created by Exelweiss,  a Spaniard based company,  and was published by Mobiground. I’m not sure of the exact… Continue Reading »

    Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies available for iPhone, iPod Touch

    by Jeremy Hill on Nov 19, 2009 at 12:53 PM

    The title of the game may have more colons than I would have liked but it matters very little in the long run. The fact is that Vivendi Games Mobile and Activision has brought the beloved zombie slaying mini-game from Call of Duty: World at War to the iPhone and… Continue Reading »

    Konami selling its iPhone, iPod Touch games for 99 cents each

    by Jeremy Hill on Nov 17, 2009 at 12:45 PM

    Black Friday deals are always exciting to look at and fantasize about. Getting up and bearing the weather and crowds is a whole new can of worms though. For now lets take the digital approach and grab some iPhone and iPod Touch games from the security of our own dwellings.… Continue Reading »

    Gadgetell Review: LG enV Touch from Verizon Wireless

    by NEWS on Aug 23, 2009 at 10:00 AM

    FROM GADGETELL – I recently got the chance to try out one of Verizon’s latest phones in the enV family, the LG enV Touch.  Just released this past June, the enV Touch is an upgrade to the LG Voyager as it features a nice 3.0 inch touch screen on the front and opens… MORE »

    NextWorth introduces new cell phone recycling service

    by NEWS on Aug 11, 2009 at 04:22 PM

    FROM GADGETELL – Today NextWorth introduced its new cell phone trade in service.  The company, which specializes in trade in and recycling programs for electronics, will now accept cell phones from every carrier and manufacturer.  Simply go to their site, search for your device in their database, provide the requested information about condition… MORE »

    Gadgetell Giveaway: Pantech Matrix Pro

    by NEWS on Apr 20, 2009 at 11:24 AM

    FROM GADGETELL – Economy bumming you out?  Would you like a dual slider cell phone for absolutely free?  Well folks, it’s time for another Gadgetell Giveaway!  Enter now, because this contest closes on Thursday, April 23, 2009.  The Pantech Matrix Pro Check out the Pantech Matrix Pro and its list of features: Dual… MORE »

    Palm Pre News Bits: Sprint training, TouchStone details, and an update on apps

    by NEWS on Apr 11, 2009 at 12:14 PM

    FROM GADGETELL – All the Palm Pre hype has started up once again.  Palm received a lot of attention following their major announcement of the Pre after CES 2009.  Then the news died down a bit, but here we are again, and there is a lot of evidence that points to a spring… MORE »

    Leaked images hint at final iPhone OS 3.0 features

    by NEWS on Apr 7, 2009 at 08:57 PM

    FROM APPLETELL – The final version of iPhone OS 3.0 may support OpenGL ES v2.0.  You likely don’t care or know what that means, so how about video?
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    CTIA 2009: Day 1 mobile gems

    by NEWS on Apr 1, 2009 at 06:24 PM

    FROM GADGETELL – Welcome to Gadgetell’s round up of the hottest action coming from Las Vegas, Nevada’s CTIA show.  Opening day has been sprinkled some interesting developments, both at the show and those looking to preempt it a bit.  Here is what is happening today: Blackberry App World Blackberry (finally) launched its App… MORE »

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