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    PSPgo relaunch rumor debunked

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 4, 2010 at 05:20 PM

    The PSPgo wasn’t the record breaking success that Sony expected. The $249.99 price tag combined with lack of UMD drive were the main discouraging factors. Plus it doesn’t help that a PSP with a UMD drive, that’s compatible with old games and downloadable games, is only $169.99. $199.99 if you get a bundle that includes a memory card and games. When you think about it, a PSPgo relaunch rumor didn’t sound too unlikely. But, the recent PSPgo relaunch rumor that’s around isn’t true.

    On February 1, 2010, Gamervision ran a story on a rumor that Sony was planning some kind of PSPgo relaunch to boost interest in the device. Sony then told Game Informer on February 2, 2010 that the relaunch rumor was false. Wow. That didn’t take long.

    You have to admit, a relaunch would be a really good idea. Maybe include two free game vouchers with each PSPgo and drop the price $50. Make the device more appealing. Because as it is now, the PSPgo’s just not a good investment. Most PSP games on UMD experience a price drop within three to five months, sometimes even sooner. Plus there’s the used game market. It’s not uncommon to find used UMDs of even the most popular games a week after they’re released in stores. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PSPgo’s price did drop in 2010, but I’m guessing it probably won’t happen until Black Friday 2010.

    Read [Gamervision] Also Read [Game Informer]

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