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    PlayStation Home Update: New Villain’s Lair at the Mall

    by Lucy Newman on Feb 9, 2010 at 05:03 PM

    New Spaces and Updates

    New Spaces

    Villian’s Lair
    The newest space available at the Real Estate store is the Villian’s Lair for $5.99 which features two mini-games, Village Griefer and World Domination, a huge aquarium full of exotic fish and a shark, hot molten lava and a laser protected trophy room. In Village Griefer you have only a small amount of time to aggravate and destroy a small village to trigger a bigger natural disaster of your choice to show them who rules the valley lure them to one location with pretty rainbows, festivals or ring the church bell then unleash a hungry dinosaur, swarms of killer insects, ect. In World Domination, strategically place your minions to intercept or ambush the enemy on the grid. Then visit your trophy room to stare at the riches you’ve collected while dominating the world.

    Check out the Villian’s Lair Personal Space:


    For those of you who were disappointed that the dragon’s have not yet appeared in the Wizard’s Den space, I’m afraid I must report that the dragon’s won’t be coming anytime soon. The descriptions for the personal space has been changed to reflect that the space just features the dragon statues that line the walls and now what you see is what you get. If any new development about the Wizard’s Den pops up I’ll report it here.


    *Unless specified in (parenthesis) all clothing items are available for both male and female avatars.

    Threads I located on the first floor of the Mall

    Threads Section

    • Striped Jeans cost 48 cents (Female)
    • Stretch Cap cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Two Tone Flat Brim Hat cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Tied Up Hair Style cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Straw Hat cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Women’s Streamlined Helmet cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Spore Hat cost 49 cents (Female)
    • White Gloves cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Skeleton Gloves cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Tropical Bracelet cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Leather Jacket in choice of Vintage Rust or Tall Collar Style cost 49 cents each (Male)
    • Varisty Jacket cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Tie Dye in choice of Wrath or Sunset cost 49 cents each (Male)
    • Stripe Tee cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Striped Button Down Shirt cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Striped Jacket cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Western Shirt cost 49 cents (Male)
    • White Dinner Jacket cost 49 cents (Male)
    • The Tuxedo Shirt cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Thermal Underwear cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Skeletal Hoodie cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Zip Compartment Pants cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Square Buckled Jeans cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Two-Tone Hoodie cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Wild Pattern Blouse cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Women’s Gi Top cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Women’s Lumberjack Shirt cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Sleeveless Printed Top cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Women’s Yellow Cycling Pants cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Tight Blue Jeans cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Zebra Print Skirt cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Zipper Slacks cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Women’s Gi Pants cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Vinyl Pants cost 49 cents (Female)
    • HighTops in choice of White or SuperStar cost 49 cents each (Male)
    • HighTop Sneakers in choice of Stylin’ or Sunshine cost 49 cents each (Male)
    • Sneakers in choice of White or Streak cost 49 cents each (Male)
    • Tech Trainers cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Trail Runners cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Sneakiers cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Steel Toe Boots cost 49 cents (Male)
    • Silver Cycling Shoes cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Skater Shoes cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Springtime Heels cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Tropical Sandals cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Tibetan Lhasa Boots cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Green Flats cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Shades in choice of Stunner or Yellow Bug-Eye cost 49 cents each (Male)
    • Shades in choice of Square or White cost 49 cents each (Female)
    • Ushanka Hat cost 99 cents (Female)
    • Zip-up Hoodie cost 99 cents (Male)
    • Slacker’s Flannel Shirt cost 99 cents (Male)
    • Track Jacket in choice of Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red or Yellow cost 99 cents each (Male)
    • White Halter Top and Pearls cost 99 cents (Female)
    • Shirt in choice of White Lace or Tropical cost 99 cents each (Female)
    • Blouse in choice of Sleeveless or Vintage Silk cost 99 cents each (Female)
    • White Hooded Sweatshirt cost 99 cents (Female)
    • White Knit Sweater Jacket cost 99 cents (Female)
    • Vintage Reporter’s Jacket cost 99 cents (Female)
    • Tweet Button Jacket cost 99 cents (Female)
    • Summer Haltertop cost 99 cents (Female)
    • White Vest Top cost 99 cents (Female)
    • Winter Pattern Sweater cost 99 cents (Female)
    • Track Pants in choice of Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red or Yellow cost 99 cents each (Male)
    • Vintage Reporter’s Skirt cost 99 cents (Female)
    • Yoga Pants cost 99 cents (Female)
    • White Short Heels cost 99 cents (Female)
    • White Boots cost 99 cents (Female)

    Lockwood Section

    • Animated Diamond Jewellery Bundle cost 49 cents (Female)
    • Green/Yellow/Purple Glow Star Galaxy Corset cost 69 cents (Female)
    • Stilettos and Nail Varnish Bundle in choice of Black or Red cost 79 cents each (Female)
    • Yellow and Black Glow Star Galaxy High Tops cost 89 cents (Female)
    • Glow Star Galaxy Outfit Bundle in choice of Yellow and Black, Blue, Green, Green/Yellow/Purple, Pink/Yellow/White, Pink and White, Red or Pink cost $1.19 each (Female)
    • Alternative Stilettos and Nail Varnish Bundle cost $1.49 (Female)
    • Fashion Stilettos and Nail Varnish Bundle – Version 1 cost $1.49 (Female)
    • Fashion Stilettos and Nail Varnish Bundle – Version 2 cost $1.49 (Female)
    • Special Edition Animated Glowing Equalizer T-shirt cost $1.99 (Male)
    • Series 2 “LOVE” Scrolling LED Text T-shirt Bundle cost $2.99 (Female)
    • Animated “LOVE” Emoticon Bundle cost $4.99 (Female)

    Furniture 1 Store located on the first floor of the Mall

    Villian’s Lair Section

    • Large Villian’s Throne in choice of Black or White cost 99 cents each
    • Medium Villian’s Throne in choice of Black or White cost 99 cents each
    • Evil Minion’s Small Chair in choice of Black or White cost 99 cents each
    • Chair made of Volcanic Rock cost 99 cents
    • Electric Chair cost 99 cents
    • Coffee Table made of Volcanic Rock cost 99 cents
    • Skull Table cost 99 cents
    • Couch made of rusty nails cost 99 cents
    • Couch made of Volcanic Rock cost 99 cents
    • Tall and Narrow 4-level Bookshelf cost 99 cents
    • Alien Head / Caw cost 99 cents
    • Domination Plans on Globe cost 99 cents
    • Alien Ray Gun cost 99 cents
    • Venus Flytrap cost 99 cents
    • Giant Computer cost 99 cents
    • Robin Hood’s Bow and Hat cost 99 cents
    • Pharaoh’s Mask cost 99 cents
    • Ruby Slippers cost 99 cents
    • Bags of Cash cost 99 cents

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    • Jenni Lada from Chicago said:
      Avatar for Jenni Lada

      That Villain’s Lair sounds so cool! XD I wish the Wii had a similar program.

    • Lucy Newman from NC said:

      I won’t tell if you convert. I’d take you on a tour of all the cool places Home has to offer and avoid the internet troll infested ones. Kind of disappointed I didn’t get a pet dragon in the wizard’s den but the pub is neat and I still love my Neptune Suite.

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