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    Open Letter: Hey, Nintendo, reveal Zelda Wii already, will ya?!

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 6, 2010 at 09:13 AM

    Dear Nintendo,

    I’ve had it.

    I’ve had it with the smoke and mirrors, subtle hints and deception.

    Just announce the next Legend of Zelda Wii game already!

    It’s not that I’m interested in it. I’m still playing my way through The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I’m sick of the teasing, hinting and constant reports on any trivial details related to it.

    “Oh, it’ll require MotionPlus but we really shouldn’t detail how it’ll be used yet.”

    “It could be out in 2010.”

    “Maybe, just maybe, the press will get to play it at E3 2010. For 2 seconds.”

    Enough already!

    I’m sick of seeing that same damn teaser image from E3 2010. You know the one. The one at the right over there. Link looks normal enough, but that thing with him? That doll/statue/girl officially freaks me out. Especially since she seems to have no arms. And those eyes! Creepy!

    For the love of everything holy just give us something substantial to cling to!

    A screen shot. Preliminary box art. Hell, a picture of Link mooning Ganon! Just something that isn’t that same ~$#@!  picture.

    Oop! Look, here’s that picture again! See? Now you know how it feels, Nintendo.

    I know you’re big, powerful and such but that’s no reason to act all high and mighty.

    It’s been a year and you haven’t even told us the game’s name yet. At the very least, give us that little inking of respect. Do you know how ridiculous we’ve all sounded for the past year, referring to it as Zelda Wii?

    Oh wait. Of course you do. You just don’t care.

    Know what I’m starting to think? I’m thinking that there really wasn’t any new Zelda Wii in the works in 2009. Maybe you just decided to start working on one and you decided you wanted to have a little fun with your fans, releasing character art with the promise of a new Wii entry eventually being released. Then you grabbed some popcorn and decided to watch the fan sites and GameFaqs forum for giggles.

    Listen, just announce it already. Arrange a nice interview, get together some media and show the world what you’ve prepared. Really, if you do that, and everything looks real nice and pretty, all will be forgiven.

    Well, pretty much forgiven. I’m still not too pleased that you’re forcing MotionPlus on Zelda fans. But mostly forgiven.

      Jenni Lada, Gamertell

    P.S. Would this be a bad time to ask about A.S.H: Archaic Sealed Heat and Soma Bringer again? Yes? Okay, nevermind then.

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