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    No Fable 2 for PC despite rumors

    by Jeremy Hill on Jan 28, 2009 at 10:22 AM

    On January 24, 2009, WhatIfGaming reported that Lionhead Studios informed the site that, even though a PC port of Fable 2 isn’t officially confirmed by Microsoft, the success of the game makes a PC version of Fable 2 imminent.

    Unfortunately, a member from the Lionhead dev team denied this claim in the community forum on January 26, 2009, indicating that Lionhead is not working on a PC port of Fable 2. If that changes, Lionhead will inform the public on its website.

    For now we’ll just have to make due with our Xbox 360 copies of Fable 2.

    Lionhead released the Knothole Island add-on not too long ago to keep the adventure going for us. Time will tell what other content Lionhead has in store for us. Until further notice, don’t hold your breath.

    Read [Lionhead Community] Site [Lionhead]

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    • Kaiser said:

      “For now we’ll just have to make due with our Xbox 360 copies of Fable 2.”

      Right.  They’re missing a huge market here.

    • Jim said:

      I play Fable TLC on pc, and would rather play it on a pc. Easier access to everything you need as far as weapons, etc.  Why NOT make a pc version? I would buy it in a heartbeat! As I am sure a million other people would as well! HELLO?!

    • Leeroy said:

      I for one welcomes the PC port. Although the chances of seeing one is slim unless Fable 2 sells well on the 360. Fable TLC was released fairly late compared to it’s Xbox counterpart so I would expect Fable 2 to be the same (hopefully with some extra contents like Fable 1).

      Hopefully with the imminent Windows 7 release Microsoft might contact some game producers like Lionhead to start releasing Vista/Windows 7 exclusive games to promote sales on their operating systems. Hopefully Fable 2 would be one of them.

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