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    Mega Bloks Halo Wars toys on display at 2010 Toy Fair

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 16, 2010 at 04:37 PM

    LEGO competitor Mega Bloks showed off the company’s rather impressive line of Halo Wars Mega Blok toys at the New York 2010 Toy Fair. As Kotaku points out, the display not only showed off all of the Mega Bloks Halo-themed sets, it also featured a life-sized replica of Halo‘s Master Chief made out of Mega Bloks. Nice.

    If you purchase enough Mega Bloks sets, you could probably build your own Master Chief. It’d probably be much easier, and cheaper, to just go with the 18 standard Halo Wars Mega Blok sets. Each set comes with the blocks necessary to build equipment, vehicles and buildings from Halo Wars and figures of soldiers or Covenant aliens. They’re safe for kids ages eight and up, so if you’ve always wanted to build a Halo model but didn’t think you had the necessary artistic abilities, go ahead and splurge. The official Mega Bloks Halo Wars site lists all the available sets…

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    Fast Finger Keyboards have ASAP, BRB and LOL keys

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 16, 2010 at 03:19 PM

    I don’t like to encourage text message speak, but if you rely on it to get through your daily emails and instant messages, you may want to pick up the Fast Finger keyboard that’s one of the highlights of New York’s 2010 Toy Fair. You can even buy one right now for $22.99.

    The keyboard was created with children and “hunt and peck” typists. You plug it into your computer’s USB port, and can instantly start using it. If you haven’t learned how to type yet, or have problems with standard keyboards, you can set it up so you the keys correspond to the white letters on them, meaning the keyboard is in alphabetical order. If you have, you simply hit a button and it will turn into the standard QWERTY keyboard and the keys correspond to the red letters. You switch back and forth easily by pressing the F button above the F5/FYI key.

    The most eyecatching features of the Fast Finger Keyboard are the shortcuts. Looking at the image above you can easily see there are internet home and email shortcuts and the shortcuts to control any DVDs, Blu-ray discs or music you could be listening to. But it’s the shortcuts below, combined with the F1 through F12 keys that are unique. Each key corresponds to a different instant message acronym…

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    Starting today, Miles Edgeworth is the Ace Attorney star

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 16, 2010 at 02:19 PM

    I am SO excited. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is out February 16, 2010! Hey, that’s today!

    Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth is a spin-off of the Ace Attorney series. Instead of acting as a defense attorney protecting wrongly accused clients, you step into the shoes of prosecutor Miles Edgeworth and attempt to bring the guilty to justice. So it’s somewhat similar, even if only in spirit, to the main Ace Attorney games.

    The game is dividied into two parts, investigation and interrogation. You must use logic while searching for evidence and investigating the crime scenes. Then, you must hear, persue, press and confront witness’ and suspect’s testimony…

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    PS3 DVR Torne arriving in Japan in March 2010

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 16, 2010 at 01:18 PM

    The Torne, which is one of the most practical PS3 peripherals, is headed to Japan in March, 2010. Heard of it? No? It’s a shame, as it’s pretty much a tiny unit that attaches to your PS3 and TV and turns it into a DVR. The price isn’t too outrageous either, as it’s ¥9,980 ($111) for the Torne alone, and ¥42,800 ($474) if you purchase it in a bundle that also includes a 250gb PS3.

    Here’s the Torne works. You plug it into the TV via cables and into a PS3 USB port. Then, you just set it to record, and it records the programs or movies to the PS3’s hard drive. It supposedly has an easy to use interface with channel listings, the ability to search what you’ve recorded or hoping to record using keywords and online functionality so you can check information on programs. As Siliconera points out, the Torne even helps the PS3 owner earn special Trophies.

    It also works with the PSP…

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    Amazon’s Gold Box deals are Wii-centric today

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 16, 2010 at 12:02 PM

    Good news Amazon shoppers, it’s one of those days. All of the Amazon Gold Box deals today, February 16, 2010, are video game related. More specifically, they’re Wii related.

    The main deal, which is available all day, is the Wii fitness game Walk It Out. It’s reduced to $19.98 from $29.99. Okay, Walk It Out isn’t the most thrilling Wii game that could be reduced, but if you want to get fit using the Wii remote and nunchuk, DanceDanceRevolution dance pad or balance board, it’s a viable option.

    The Wii lightning deals are much more promising. The first was The Beatles: Rock Band, which started at 6am PST today and has unfortunately been completely claimed. Let’s look at the upcoming deals, and my guesses as to what the games could be…

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    Gamertell Review: Tomena Sanner for Wii

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 16, 2010 at 08:32 AM

    Tomena Sanner is a huge surprise. It’s an awesome little game from Konami that most people probably didn’t expect to see outside of Japan. It relies on a single button and all kinds of silly situations, visuals and jokes to lure people in and get them hooked on the rush that comes from racing through levels just so you can dance your heart out. It’s the sort of game you’ll probably buy on a lark, then unexpectedly become obsessed with, replaying it over and over just to prove you’re more skilled than everyone else.

    Mr. Hitoshi Susumu has the soul of a dancer. He wants, nay, needs to show off his stuff! But in order to reach a dance party where he’s the focal point and can show off his amazing skills, he first has to run through crazy and outlandish levels, dodging and taking down anyone who gets in his way. This is all accomplished with the push of one button…

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    An Amanda Evert doll will cost you $160

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 15, 2010 at 04:17 PM

    Video game collectors with quite a bit of cash to spare should start saving up for the Tonner Doll Company’s rendition of Tomb Raider‘s Amanda Evert. The Amanda Evert doll, which you can see in an image at the right taken by Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo, made its debut at the 2010 Toy Fair at the Javits Convention Center in New York.

    Amanda Evert, which will cost $160 once released and isn’t the first Tonner Tomb Raider doll. There are four other dolls inspired by Tomb Raider, and they’re all different variations of Lara Croft. There was an exclusive, limited edition, Classic Beauty Lara Croft, a $169.99 Tonner Direct exclusive, Full Throttle Lara Croft, a $189.99, Tonner Direct exclusive, Let’s Go Off-Road Lara Croft and a basic, $124.99 Tonner Direct exclusive Lara Croft doll.

    Kotaku also reports that the Tonner Doll Company display also had Prince of Persia prototype dolls of the Prince and Tamina on display…

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    Street Fighter IV shrinks to fit on your iPhone

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 15, 2010 at 03:29 PM

    Capcom has decided that the iPhone would be the perfect platform for Street Fighter IV. So, the company has been working on an iPhone port that will, surprisingly, be out in March, 2010. I’m amazed the company was able to keep a game like this a secret!

    The iPhone version of Street Fighter IV is going to be a pretty faithful adaptation of the console and PC game, which you can see above. It’s using graphics from the current-gen code, so the game will look very similar, only much, much smaller.

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    5 Games to get you through a bad breakup

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 15, 2010 at 02:17 PM

    Valentine’s Day may not have been the best day for everyone. I mean, while I’m sure many people experienced loving and tender moments with the person most dear to them, there were probably quite a few people struggling through breakups and recovering from a faded love.

    Since you probably have the day off today for Presidents Day, it’s a great day to practice some video game therapy. Get out your favorite system, pick up a game and use it to help you work through your issues. Gamertell has a few suggestions, in case you’re wondering what could be good to play…

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    PS3 Aliens vs. Predator demo fine-tuned and rereleased

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 15, 2010 at 01:16 PM

    If you were disappointed with the quirks of the Aliens vs. Predator demo that was available on the PlayStation Store, then prepare for a pleasant surprise. Sega’s fixed it. If you have the previous version of the demo, ditch it, head back to the PlayStation Store and redownload it. You’re going to have to do it anyways, as the old demo will give you an “incompatible version” error now that the fixed demo is available.

    The previous Aliens vs. Predator demo had problems with the multiplayer matches. The matchmaking just didn’t work right, and many people found themselves unable to fight against other players…

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