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    Man vs. Zombies: Telling a tale through Twitter

    by Jessica Moen on Feb 5, 2010 at 09:35 PM

    What are two things everyone loves? Zombies and Twitter, of course.

    OK so maybe that’s quite a stretch (it is had to love the undead, for very long at least) but when the two things are put together, they become unstoppable.

    For those of you who live under a rock, Twitter is one of the biggest sites for social networking or just sharing your opinions with the world through updates and link sharing.

    What if we could use Twitter for more then just letting the world know that we just got back from the dentist and are skipping work today? Perhaps it could be used to tell ongoing stories. Well, actually, now it is being used for that.

    Man vs. Zombies is the first Twitter account that is dedicated to telling ongoing stories (that we know of). The creators even use photos and videos to help create the story.

    The story “Diary of the Apocalypse” goes as follows: The majority of the world’s inhabitants have been transformed into zombies and only one man, Gus, a slacker with a penchant for drug use and a hilariously twisted sense of humor, seems to be left unchanged. Gus traverses his home town of Miami, which appears to be ground zero, in search of survivors, answers, and good drugs, whilst reporting his adventures on Twitter as it appears to be the only working service from his cell phone.

    The story isn’t much now as the account is just starting out but give it some time. Zombies do have a way of growing on you.

    Site [Man vs. Zombies]

    Photo Source: Twitter

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