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    MAG patch v1.03 fixes weapons, gameplay

    by Brian Allen on Feb 25, 2010 at 07:19 PM

    The large scale first-person shooter Massive Action Game (aka MAG) is one of Sony’s most touted exclusives on the PlayStation 3. Zipper Interactive’s January 2010 release is receiving a patch today (February 25, 2010) to fix some nagging issues.

    Among the numerous changes are upgrades to weapons, gameplay and graphics as well as the removal of map-specific exploits that gave certain teams advantages.

    Gameplay improvements include tuning of multiple weapon types, improved speed of weapon and gear swapping as well as players no longer losing leadership points after entering “Veteran Mode.”

    As far as weapons go, “from the hip” firing for light and medium machine guns have stronger recoil and are now less accurate when moving. Weapon damage for all three of the game’s warring factions has been fine tuned, and shooting through thin materials such as fences should now have greater consistency.

    Graphics are always a big part of shooters and animations sometime yield unintended consequences. One of the big bugs that needed to go was a recoil animation that would stop if a player was firing a weapon for an extended period of time. The patch should remove that as well. To download the patch, all you’ll need to do is log onto MAG.

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