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    Live Blog: Microsoft’s E3 2008 Press Conference

    by Danielle Riendeau on Jul 14, 2008 at 11:02 AM

    Welcome to Gamertell’s Live Blog of the Microsoft E3 2008 press conference. It starts at 10:30 a.m. Pacific time (1:30 Eastern time) today – Monday, July 14, 2008.

    10:27 a.m. (PT), Monday, July 14, 2008 – It looks like we have a few minutes before this thing gets going. Now’s the time for that last minute bathroom break or snack attack before we commence with the furious refresh-button fun.

    10:31- And we’re starting. Don Mattrick is on stage giving the welcome.

    10:33 – We’re treated to a strange, ‘50s style video, with… robots. Interesting.

    10:37 – We’re looking at FallOut 3, it looks like the ‘50s stuff was all a clever atomic age ruse. Gameplay footage looks pretty nice, despite a little slowdown on my end.

    10:42 – The music is quite interesting. I’m getting a sort of BioShock-meets-Half Life vibe here.

    10:44 – So Fall Out 3 will have downloadable content… but no details yet.

    10:45 –   Oh, time for some big guns. Jun Takeuchi just came out to show off Resident Evil 5

    10:46 – This will be the first playable demo of the game. Chris Redfield (the protagonist) is looking pretty tough with tons of gear.

    10:47 – We’re now looking at Sheva, the new playable character, and how she can team up with Chris to take down the baddies.

    10:48 – the teaming-up mechanic will be integral to the gameplay in RE5. Also, we’re getting a look at a new, super-creepy enemy… and the demo is over. What a tease!

    10:48 – RE 5 will come out worldwide (simultaneous release) Friday the 13th of March 2009

    10:49 – here comes Peter Molyneux to talk about Fable 2. He’s telling us that it’s finished.

    10:50 –We’re watching a Fable 2 trailer. It’s very cinematic, showing off the landscapes, a super-detailed town, and a bird poop surprise for some moppets on the street. Nice.

    10:51 – Peter’s demoing the game, demonstrating co-op over live. You can invite other players into your game on the fly, at any time in the story.

    10:52 – you can get married in Fable 2, have a house, a family, what have you. Peter’s going off about the ability to make real decisions and affect everything in the world – and this will carry over into co-op.

    10:53 – It’s coming in October

    10:54 – Time for a Gears of War 2 trailer – and Cliffy B is coming to the stage

    10:56 – According to Cliff, it’s the most anticipated game of any platform this holiday season. He’s demoing it live now, the set pieces look fantastic.

    10:58 – There’s plenty of fire, baddies, the Gears cover system in full effect. The game is looking hot – literally.

    11:00 – Marcus is making his escape in a crappy old elevator, then goes back into the warzone. Awesome stuff, and it’s giving me yet another BioShock flashback.

    11:02 – New mode announced,  called horde – a multiplayer mode where up to 5 players can take on wave after wave of enemies. The game is set for worldwide release November 7, 2008.

    11:03 – Mattrick is back. He’s borrowing Nintendo’s rhetoric with the family games/casual games shtick.

    11:05 – It’s a numbers game… this is sort of like the cheerleading section of the presentation.

    11:07 – Consumers have spent over $1 billion on Xbox live. Most impressive.

    11:08 – New movie/TV partners for Xbox Live: NBC and Universal Studios. It’s montage time.

    11:09 – It’s all starting today – HD video library has expanded to include MGM International and Constantine Film.

    11:10 – New Xbox Live interface looks very Mii-esque. It’s coming this fall.

    11:12 – Avatars announced – it’s like the Mii-killer.

    11:13 – So Rare designed the avatars. This makes sense. Rare is giving an interview on how cool and customizable they are.

    11:14 – Xbox interface will be redesigned from the ground up with channels and the avatars and “live party” for chats and games.

    11:16 – Xbox Live primetime coming this fall, 1 vs. 100 game show announced. it’s like TV-meets web 2.0 and videogames

    11:19 – Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved trailer looks bright, sexy, Galaga Legions announced

    11:18 – Uno Rush announced, has avatar/party support. Parties can jump from game to game.

    11:20 – GLADOS (from Portal) just announced Portal: Still Alive for Xbox Live Arcade, with new levels and achievements this fall.

    11:22 – SouthPark teaser for Xbox Live. Nothing more than a tease.

    11:24 – Xbox community games coming in the fall as well, and a new media partnership with Netflix. And there’s applause.

    11:25 Xbox Live subscribers can take advantage of entire Netflix library at no extra cost – that’s very cool. And you can watch live with your party.

    11:25 Shane Kim takes the stage. Talking about popular games, upcoming GTA IV content.

    11:26 – Rare trailers, Banjo- Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts has a very cartoony, adorable video. They have remixed tunes from the N64 games in the background, and it’s showing off the vehicle-construction aspect.

    11:27 – Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise looks gorgeous, as ever. Trailer is framed as an Animal Planet special, it’s kooky, but it works. 2 new areas available (snow and desert).

    11:30 – The original Banjo-Kazooie will be made available on Xbox Live alongside the new game.

    11:30 – New games announced: party-game: Scene IT? Box Office Smash using the 1-button controller.

    11:32 – New game –You’re in the Movies – where you actually make lame, hilarious B movies using the camera and doing actual motions, looks funny, very family-oriented. This is very Wii-esque.

    11:35 – The dancing game is almost as hilariously embarrassing as Reggie at last year’s E3.

    11:37 – the mini-game scenes are put together digitally into a very funny short film. I think I want this game.

    11:38 – Directors mode allows you to edit, share with the world. Xbox 360 vision camera announced for this holiday.

    11:39 – Music games time – Guitar Hero World Tour – new drums with cymbals, 80 songs, new dlc

    11:40 – Music studio allows players to use a music creator and share your tracks with the world.

    11:41 – REM trackpack coming first to Xbox 360, and new Metallica partnership announced.

    11:43 – Lips trailer shows hipsters partying, singing, enjoying life. It’s a karaoke game with a very funky presentation.

    11:44 – Lips will be available this holiday. Keiichi Yanno, the creator is extolling its features. You can sing from your own music collection, you can plug in your zune or ipod. New wireless mics announced.

    11:45 –Duffy is performing “Mercy” onstage, her music is in the game. Background visuals are… interesting. A step up from Guitar Hero, anyway.

    11:49 –We’re talking Rock Band 2 now, the exclusive September release on Xbox 360. Alex from Harmonix is onstage talking about the music. Full setlist is up. 84 songs (all masters)

    11:50 – Axle Rose debuts first track from Chinese Democracy, Bob Dylan’s Tangled up blues, AC/DC will be in the game.

    11:53 – 20 bonus tracks will be available for download this fall, all dlc from the original game will be “seamlessly integrated” and almost all Rock Band 1 tracks will be compatible with the new title

    11:55 – Final guest, president of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada.

    11:57 – Infinite Undiscovery will be released September 2, North America, Sep. 5th In Europe, and the 11th in Asia.

    11:58 – Star Ocean: The Last Hope hits in Spring 2009, The Last Remnant comes this holiday season, November 20th. Playing the Last Remnant trailer now, graphics look great, almost hand-painted and hyperreal.

    11:59 – Wada: “The Last Remnant will also be available on Games for Windows”.

    12:00 (Noon) – Mattrick is back again, championing the console. Oh, Wada interupts him for another announcement!

    12:01 p.m. – It’s a faraway angle, hard to make out, but there are swooping shots of… airships?, cinematic music.

    12:02 – Panzer Dragoon, is that you?

    12:03 – No, it’s Final Fantasy XIII – what a coup…

    12:04 – Crowd seems pleased. So does Mattrick and Wada. Wada is giving more info…

    12:05 – Wada thanks everyone, Mattrick looks smug. Saying that many PlayStation franchises are coming to the 360. Rub it in!

    12:06 – …And we’re done. Check back tomorrow for our continued liveblog coverage of E3 2008! Thanks for reading.

    Read [Gamertell’s E3 2008 Coverage]

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    • PJ Hruschak from Cincinnati-ish, OH said:
      Avatar for PJ Hruschak

      During the Gears of War 2 demo there was a bit o’ vulgarity, so G4’s broadcast had an awkward moment of silence. Pretty funny.

    • Danielle Riendeau from Boston, MA said:
      Avatar for Danielle Riendeau

      So that’s what that was!? I thought my video feed crapped out – but the awkward profanity-censoring is much funnier.

    • Jenni Lada from Chicago said:
      Avatar for Jenni Lada

      Amazing – so Square Enix has jumped ship from PS3 to Xbox 360 with FFXIII. Is it the whole thing, or just one game in that trilogy? (Or didn’t they say?)

    • PJ Hruschak from Cincinnati-ish, OH said:
      Avatar for PJ Hruschak

      At least G4 did much better this year, getting the audio all in tune before the conference and not airing any commercials. Last year they broke for commercials in the middle of big stuff. Not to mention that there were sponsors unrelated to the company whose conference was airing – as well too many Code Monkey’s promos.

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