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    Latest Linux Headlines
    • Casual Friday: Update for February 13 – 19, 2010

      Gamertell’s casual game update for February 13 – 19, 2010 includes Aveyond: The Lost Orb (PC), Shutter Island (PC), Dale Hardshovel and the Bloomstone Mystery (PC, Mac, Linux) and four other new, casual, computer games.

    • Fast Finger Keyboards have ASAP, BRB and LOL keys

      The $22.99 Fast Finger Keyboard being shown off at the 2010 Toy Fair is designed to make typing easier for kids and people just learning how to use a keyboard. It even has keys for text message acronyms like FYI, LOL, TTYL and BRB.

    More Linux Headlines

    Gamertell Review: The Flower Shop for PC, Mac and Linux

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 8, 2010 at 08:26 AM

    Hard work builds character, an adage that is part of the crux of Winter Wolves’ latest game, The Flower Shop. In this visual novel, slash dating simulation, slash farming simulation, players must help a young man who’s floundering in his own life. He’s sent to the country, and it’s up… Continue Reading »

    Casual Friday: Update for January 30 – February 5, 2010

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 5, 2010 at 09:17 AM

    Happy Friday everyone! It’s been another slightly slow week, but there’ve been a few notable casual games released that will hopefully brighten your day and weekend! If you want to prepare for Valentine’s Day, which already next Sunday, then check out Winter Wolves’ latest visual novel slash dating simulation slash… Continue Reading »

    CES 2010: CyWee Group’s CyWee Z 3D wireless motion game controller for PC, Mac

    by PJ Hruschak on Jan 5, 2010 at 07:24 PM

    Hidden among the many booths of big-name gadgets, electronics and myriad gear at CES 2010 there will also be plenty of lesser-known game-related products. CyWee Group, for example, will be there demonstrating its WiiMote-like game controller that works with PCs running Windows and Mac OS.  And it doubles as a… Continue Reading »

    CES 2010: Inspired Instruments to show off You Rock Guitar usb string guitar controller

    by PJ Hruschak on Jan 4, 2010 at 03:01 PM

    Yeah, you read that headline right. A company is finally releasing a string-based, USB guitar game controller. Named the You Rock Guitar, this is an honest-to-goodness string guitar (OK, a digital string guitar) that plugs into your computer. For $20 more you can get a GameFlex cartridge that adapts the… Continue Reading »

    Spirited Heart Deluxe released, free for owners of Spirited Heart

    by Jenni Lada on Dec 28, 2009 at 03:56 PM

    Remember Winter Wolves Studio’s Spirited Heart? Well it’s back and better than before. Over the holidays a new version was released, called Spirited Heart Deluxe. If you already owned Spirited Heart, you can upgrade for free. Hopefully, you saved the email that arrived when you bought the game. If you… Continue Reading »

    Gamertell Review: Heileen 2 for PC, Mac and Linux

    by Jenni Lada on Dec 17, 2009 at 08:12 AM

    A year ago, Tycoon Games released a visual novel set in the 17th century called Heileen. It starred a young woman named Heileen, who was going with her Uncle Otto, his mistress Lora and her friend Marie on a boat trip to the new world on a business trip. Now,… Continue Reading »

    Casual Friday: Update for December 5-11, 2009

    by Jenni Lada on Dec 11, 2009 at 09:45 AM

    It’s a good week for casual games. It’s an especially good week if you like adventure and simulation games. There’s a landslide of them, a welcome change from the usual cavalcade of hidden object puzzles. It’s also a week for new additions to established game series. There are new games… Continue Reading »

    Hypertension headed to the Dreamcast and all computers

    by Jenni Lada on Nov 6, 2009 at 02:30 PM

    TDGMods is working on a reimagining of the Blood and Blood II: The Chosen first person shooters called Hypertension. What’s unique about this project is the systems it is appearing on. In 2010, it will be released not only for PC, Mac and Linux computers, but also for the Sega… Continue Reading »

    Epic Games offers Unreal Engine 3 Development Kit for free

    by Christian Morlotte on Nov 6, 2009 at 11:00 AM

    Epic Games is making a breakthrough in the games community by offering one of the most acclaimed game engines, the Unreal Engine 3, free to the public. Now anyone can get their hands on this technology by downloading the UDK, or Unreal Development Kit. The Unreal Engine 3 has been… Continue Reading »

    Gamertell Review: Opticon and IntelliScanner Mini handheld laser barcode scanners (updated)

    by PJ Hruschak on Nov 6, 2009 at 08:33 AM

    This was originally going to a two separate reviews, one for the Opticon OPN-2100 handheld laser scanner and another the IntelliScanenr Mini handheld laser scanner. After using both with Collectorz Game Collector (and Movie Collector) software, however, I could not find any discernible differences in physical design or performance. The… Continue Reading »

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