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    LEGO Universe MMO beta signup opens

    by Jenni Lada on Feb 9, 2010 at 04:05 PM

    If you’ve always wanted to live in a LEGO world, the opportunity is drawing nearer. LEGO Universe, the massive multiplayer online game from NetDevil isn’t going to officially launch until either Fall or Winter, 2010, but the beta period will be starting soon. If you have the time to sign up for a free LEGO ID, answer a question about your online gaming habits, give your email address and click accept.

    Signing up doesn’t confirm you’ll be picked to be one of the testers, but better to give it a try and not get picked than just sit back and know you won’t be part of it. If you get picked to be part of the LEGO Universe beta, you’ll be playing and working. You’ll be among the first to explore the world of LEGO Universe, and you’ll also be helping NetDevil find any bugs or problems with the game before the official launch.

    After signing up, an email will arrive thanking you for signing up. It also tells you to keep an eye out for an email with a beta key if you get accepted into the LEGO Universe beta test.

    I signed up. A chance to play a free game before anyone else is always fun, and the other LEGO console games were pretty awesome.

    Read [] Site [LEGO Universe]

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