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    Follow the iPhone 3.0 fallout at Appletell

    by Iyaz Akhtar on Mar 17, 2009 at 02:39 PM

    The iPhone 3.0 news is out and Appletell will be covering every detail possible to get you the best coverage on the new OS.  Check out their coverage of the newest features that will be available on the iPhone and iPod touch this summer.  While you’re there, check out Appletell’s great unbiased reviews of all kinds of Apple and Apple-related products.

    Check it all out at Appletell!


    FCC says TV stations must alert viewers about reception problems

    by Iyaz Akhtar on Mar 16, 2009 at 05:07 PM

    Welcome back to your favorite soap opera, “As the Digital Transition Turns.”  So what’s in this latest installment?  No, not another delay.  This time, it’s all about notice.

    Analog and digital signals may not reach the same area.  If that is the case, then television stations must tell their viewers about this problem.  Here’s how this works: analog signals use VHF and those signals are able to go around hills and mountains.  Digital signals use UHF and they can’t get around those kinds of obstacles. 

    So, if you were receiving over the air signals thanks to the fantastic elastic VHF signal, you may no longer get a signal via UHF.

    Additionally, the television stations must tell their viewers if the viewer needs a new antenna.  Now, don’t expect to have a local NBC-affiliate show up at your door to check your antenna.  Expect ads explaining antennas which I am sure will grab everyone’s attention.

    Once again, if you know anyone who could be affected by this digital transition and they are unaware about the transition, tell them what’s going on.  The easiest way may be to say, “Hey, can I mess with your TV for about 5 minutes?”  The transition is planned for June 12th, 2009. 

    Read: []


    5 things to do with an old computer

    by Iyaz Akhtar on Mar 14, 2009 at 09:42 AM

    If you’re like me, you probably have an old PC (or two) laying around.  It’s a box you think you’ll do something with.  Maybe you’ll take the plunge and put that PC in a new case like a toaster or something.  Perhaps you are unsatisfied by using that large tower as a side table.  Here’s a round up of 5 things you can do with an old PC.

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    Amazing: World’s largest or greatest or first something or others

    by Iyaz Akhtar on Mar 13, 2009 at 08:15 PM

    We live in a strange world.  While there’s an enormous economic crisis, companies still have to get us to notice their products.  Technological toys must be purchased!  Let’s take a look at a great big cell phone and a Blu-ray player combo.  You think getting a small cell phone is a good idea?  Maybe you think a Palm Pre or an iPhone is the way to go.  You crazy fool.

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    Sony rewarding folks for recycling e-waste in California

    by Iyaz Akhtar on Mar 13, 2009 at 04:20 PM

    At Gadgetell, we’re big into helping out the planet.  In Mountain View, California, Sony is running a recycling event. They will be accepting electronics from any brand (not just Sony stuff) on March 28th, 9AM to 4PM at the Shoreline Amphitheater. 

    Not only will they be accepting your junky old electronics, but the first 2,000 drivers of cars to drop off e-waste will receive a $100 voucher for Sony products.  It’s almost like they are paying you to recycle. 

    Keep in mind this is about electronic devices; Sony will not be accepting things like appliances or smoke alarms.  They will be taking things including video game consoles, cell phones, computers, monitors, and televisions.

    As you probably know, improperly disposing of electronics can lead to all kinds of disastrous effects like groundwater contamination.  By recycling, not only will harmful substances be taken care of, but parts of machines will be reused.  If you can’t make it to the event, don’t forget that Best Buy also accepts electronics for recycling (but is a little limited on how much they take). 

    Read: [SmartBrief]
    More info: 877-439-2795 or []


    Sony executives no longer being held in plant

    by Iyaz Akhtar on Mar 13, 2009 at 09:01 AM

    Sony executives who were being held by workers in France have been released.  The workers were upset about the closing of their plant. 

    The head of human resources, Roland Bentz, and CEO of Sony France, Serge Foucher, were being held because the workers were unhappy with Sony’s severance package.  The executives have not been able to leave the plant since Thursday afternoon and were released to begin new talks about the severance package. 

    The plant is to be closed since Sony is trying to cut costs.  The workers want training so they can obtain new jobs.  More on this story as it comes.

    Read: [International Herald Tribune]


    Peek + lifetime service at Costco for $399

    by Iyaz Akhtar on Mar 12, 2009 at 10:17 AM
    Costco has Peek + lifetime service for $399.99

    Back in January, Peek, the e-mail and texting handheld device, was on sale for $299.95 complete with lifetime e-mail service for one day only.  Right now, you can get a Peek with lifetime service for $399.99 at Costco.  The offer runs out in 10 days on March 22, 2009.  The device normally costs only $50.  The lifetime service charge is approximately $350.  That’s equivalent to a little under 18 months of service if you buy the Peek under normal circumstances.

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    Hulu’s new feature: Hulu Friends

    by Iyaz Akhtar on Mar 12, 2009 at 08:15 AM

    Hulu is celebrating its one-year anniversary.  Has it been that long already?  Hulu has put together something for its users with its “Fan Appreciation” days starting today.  Every weekday up to March 20th, Hulu will be unveiling new features and/or content.

    Today, Hulu has set up something called “Hulu Friends.”  Hulu says you can “See what your friends are doing on Hulu.”  To access this feature you have to go to your profile and click the “Friends” tab. 

    After you agree to allow Hulu to publish your name as your first name and last initial, you can import contact information from Gmail, Facebook, MSN Hotmail, MySpace, Yahoo Mail or you can use your friend’s e-mail or real name.  It’s a pretty straight forward procedure.  If you’ve ever added friends in Facebook, you’ll get how to do this.

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    Dell releases two videos teasing the Adamo

    by Iyaz Akhtar on Mar 10, 2009 at 08:00 AM

    Dell just put out two videos promoting their soon-to-be released Adamo.  One video focuses on the actual laptop and the other is much more of a teaser. 

    The first video shows the Adamo being built by robots while the laptop parts floats in air.  It has lots of spinning 360 degree shots with relaxed music playing.  You can really get some very good looks at Dell’s Adamo here and we have a photo gallery of screenshots below.  The video has the robots cutting out pieces for the keyboard and trackpad out of a case.  From the video, it sort of looks like Dell is using the same “unibody” process that Apple uses in its latest notebooks. 

    The laptop has a glossy screen, what could be either four USB ports (or maybe 3 with a display port?) and an Ethernet port on the back of the case.  There is an etched pattern on most of the PC.  The video is a bit like a luxury car commercial and that is probably what Dell is intending—a luxury PC.

    The second ad shows a model getting getting ready for a shoot then taking photographs with the Adamo.  This video is much more of a teaser and you don’t really get a good look at the notebook. 

    Overall, the Adamo looks slick and it’s nice to see Dell trying to appeal to a different crowd. 

    [Robots build the Adamo]
    [Model shoot]


    Motorola: Worst Week?

    by Iyaz Akhtar on Mar 6, 2009 at 10:33 PM

    If I were Motorola this week, I’d be feeling a bit nauseated.  The company took some particularly bad hits this week—hits that would take the wind out of almost anyone’s sails.  Let’s give you a rundown of the fun this week at Moto.

    Good news, everyone: Motorola’s co-CEOs have declined to take their bonus for 2008.  On the surface, that sounds like a great thing; Motorola can use that money to help the company out.  However, in reality, the bonuses were mainly from stock awards, which would be virtually worthless considering Motorola’s current stock price.

    The bad news: Motorola had to shut down one of its plants in China and let go about 5000 employees.  This should be another good cost-cutting measure for Moto.  And it is going to need that money to pay its legal fees because Motorola is being sued by its former CFO for retaliatory discharge (usually this refers to a firing in response to an employee acting in the public interest).  If his allegations are true, and Moto is firing people who are looking out for the public interest, it is time to be afraid of who they are keeping around.

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