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    Games that would sound ridiculous with “extreme” in the title

    by Jessica Moen on Feb 9, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    It seems game publishers believe they can spruce up titles by adding the word “extreme” to it. Whereas this may make some things better (and we love when that happens), most of the time it just seems silly.

    Can you imagine if they added “extreme” to certain game titles that really should not be extreme? Take, for example, the upcoming release of Extreme Hangman on DSiWare (February 8, 2010). It might be a great game but we simply cannot get past the name.

    With that in mind, here are fifteen examples of games and various life activities that, in no particular order, could or should never be extreme-d.

    • Extreme Dish Washing: It’s a hard enough job getting out those tough grease stains, imagine having to do it while on stilts. With zombies attacking. With zombies attacking you on stilts!

    • Extreme Chutes and Ladders
      Think about it: Ladders that are made of poisonous thorn bushes or even barbed wire and slides that twist and turn all over the place and maybe even break at certain points. That might sound cool but it is still a game where you roll the dice and move around on a game board and get stuck playing with 4-year-olds all day. Cute but, sorry, no.

    • Hello Kitty Extreme
      Kitty and her friends are going on an all-out shopping-parting-and-being-ridiculously-cute spree in a whole new way. An EXTREME way!

    • Extreme Accounting
      Do you have what it takes to file all your clients taxes before tax day, which is in two days, while also fighting off a hungry pack of wild wolverines? Avoiding an audit has never been so, wait for it, extreme!

    • Extreme Animal Crossing
      Talking to animals and decorating your house with lots of cool junk will never be the same after you have done it to the extreme.

    • Extreme Any-Movie-Based-Game-Name-Here
      Lets face it, most movie games are terrible to begin with, so making “Extreme Waterworld: The Game” would most certainly not be an improvement. What, more water? Not possible. What more can you reconstitute and consume than… oh, wait. That’s just gross.

    • Extreme Shopping Challenge
      Everyone likes games that are based on shopping but what if you had to push your shopping cart up tall mountains while avoiding bears, mountain lions and the occasional low flying plane? All while on a budget?! Oh, and you also have one of those annoying carts with the shaky, squeaky wheel that never goes in the direction you want it to. Now that’s extreme.

    • Extreme Paint Drying
      101 ways to help facilitate optimum air circulation and make certain it sets to the precise hue. Ooh, funsies. As if to prove the game’s potential, and for added excitement, here’s a YouTube video someone else made of paint drying.

    • Extreme Tic-Tac-Toe
      Never will you block an X with an O in such an extreme way! Live grenades anyone?

    • Extreme Mega Awesome Super Challenge
      I have no idea what you do in this game but you can be sure it will be extreme-lier than any other game out there or ever made. Until the sequel, of course. It’ll probably be from Japan and has the potential to be the most fun game in this list.

    • Extreme Sleeping
      On a cliff or when zombies attack, lie right down and take a cat nap. Wake up at just the right moment for maximum pointage (otherwise you might sleep through all the excitement).

    • Extreme Crocheting
      As if crocheting wasn’t extreme enough with those oversized, dull-pointed hooks! Your goal is to crochet as many sweaters as you can before you run out of time, or before all your friends stop talking to you.

    • Extreme Shuffleboard
      Nothing gets me more revved up then pushing a puck towards a target with a giant stick. Imagine doing it to the extreme! You can’t either, right? That’s because no one can.

    • Extreme Mini-Golf
      Seriously, what could be “extreme” about mini-golf? Perhaps if you had to land a hole while standing on the back of a moving jet plane, while aiming for the hole that is on the back of another jet plane! Hmm, waitaminute…

    • Extreme Dentistry
      Novocain schmovacane! Dentist’s motto: “We drill while skydiving.”

    • Extreme Extreme Sports
      Why only go to one extreme to make sports awesome and challenging? It’s time to kick it up a notch and take extreme sports to the extreme, in an extremely extreme way! Be careful though, your head may explode do to terminal extreme-ocity.

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    Image Source: CalShop

    Editor’s Note: Some material contributed by PJ Hruschak.

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