Gamertell at E3 2009

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    Latest Gaming Headlines

    Square Enix Members program has rewards for Bronze Tier members

    at 02:57 PM by Jenni Lada — Have you purchased at least one new Square Enix game in 2009? Fantastic. Quick, go register for the Square Enix Members program if you haven’t… MORE»

    E3 2009: The 10 best games announced for the Wii

    at 09:01 AM by Jessica Moen — E3 2009 is all over now and the games have all been announced. It’s time to look at the best of the best, specifically for… MORE»

    E3 2009: Gamepark Holdings “hardly had time to rest”

    at 01:38 PM by PJ Hruschak — As game companies begin to regain some sense of sanity a week after E3 2009, some are starting to send reactions to the event. Located… MORE»

    Opinion: How Nintendo won E3 2009

    at 09:12 AM by Kris Rosado — Let’s pretend for a minute that the E3 press conferences are a competition. At E3 2008, it was safe to say that all three of… MORE»

    Hidden gems of E3 2009

    at 04:25 PM by Danielle Riendeau — By now, we all know the big games of E3 2009 – New Super Mario Bros. Wii, BioShock 2, Mass Effect 2, Assassin’s Creed 2,… MORE»

    E3 2009: The flops, weaks spots and not-so-hots

    at 12:05 PM by Jenni Lada — E3 2009 was pretty successful. We saw some interesting games, a new PSP incarnation and quite a few extra peripherals. For the most part, a… MORE»

    E3 2009: Best of the handhelds (PSP & DS)

    at 08:29 AM by Jenni Lada — E3 2009 has come and gone in a fluster of press conferences, announcements and releases. Now’s a good time to sit back and regroup, taking… MORE»

    E3 2009: Best of the PS3

    at 12:26 PM by Jeremy Hill — E3 2009 is now over and Los Angeles has gone back to its normal number of geeks per square mile. Us geeks have now migrated… MORE»

    E3 2009: Assassin’s Creed 2 update

    at 08:33 AM by Lucy Newman — The Animus has been activated again at Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed 2 website and, let me tell you, it looks hot. During the E3 2009 conference… MORE»

    PlayStation Store Update: E3 2009 wrap up, more downloadable music (June 8 to June 13, 2009)

    at 10:33 AM by Lucy Newman — This week’s PlayStation Store is featuring the game Trash Panic by Sony Computer Entertainment America. It’s an eco-friendly puzzle available for download for $4.99 that… MORE»

    Mike Wilson: “People seemed pretty bored” at E3 2009, working on something new

    at 04:20 PM by PJ Hruschak — Before I wrote “E3 could probably use a little more GameCock,” I tried to reach former GameCock CEO Mike Wilson for comment. Since he wasn’t… MORE»

    E3 2009: Final Fantasy Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers in-depth hands-on impressions

    at 09:24 AM by Janine Dong — At the 2009 Electronics Entertainment Expo, Square Enix debuted a playable demo of the latest chapter in its Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series titled The… MORE»

    E3 2009: Hands on with Wii Sports Resort

    at 03:44 PM by Danielle Riendeau — Nintendo’s booth was a happening place at this year’s E3 (well, it usually is) with tons of showgoers looking to get their hands on games… MORE»

    E3 2009: Hands on with New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    at 02:30 PM by Danielle Riendeau — By far and away, the game I had the most fun with at this year’s E3 was Nintendo’s surprise sidescroller, New Super Mario Bros. Wii.… MORE»

    E3 2009: Hands on with The Conduit multiplayer

    at 01:11 PM by Danielle Riendeau — One of the coolest games at E3 this year was The Conduit, a Wii first-person shooter that could easily pass as a first-gen Xbox 360… MORE»

    E3 2009: Bayonetta hands-on impressions

    at 10:16 AM by Janine Dong — I first caught a glimpse of Bayonetta at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show so when I found out that Sega would be debuting a playable… MORE»

    Gamertell Mashup: Our favorite E3 2009 announcements

    at 08:07 AM by PJ Hruschak — When comparing the press conferences of the Big Three – Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft – it’s a bit like comparing Apples to Windows, er, apples… MORE»

    E3 2009: Obscure: The Aftermath controls designed with PSPgo in mind

    at 02:19 PM by Jenni Lada — Playlogic Entertainment used E3 2009 to assure potential PSPgo users that the company had Sony’s new system in mind while creating Obscure: The Aftermath. The… MORE»

    E3 2009: Stage a DanceDanceRevolution on every console soon

    at 12:21 PM by Jenni Lada — E3 2009 allowed Konami to continue to contribute to the active game genre with the anouncement of more DanceDanceRevolution games. There will be four, count… MORE»

    E3 2009: Miyamoto shows concept art for Wii Legend of Zelda

    at 11:29 AM by Jenni Lada — During a Nintendo E3 2009 round table discussion, the next Legend of Zelda Wii game came up. While Nintendo was very hush hush on the… MORE»

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