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    E3 2009: More details about Mass Effect 2

    by Jonathan Gronli on Jun 2, 2009 at 08:38 PM

    During E3, BioWare ended up bringing out more details in this highly-anticipated sequel. It’ll take place sometime after the original game, obviously. Many of the surviving characters from the original are also returning. How this will be handled for characters that have their deaths are based more off of your choices rather than defined scripting will be hard to say but either way. Yes, you’re still playing Shepard. He’s not dead yet. Though he might be after this game.

    BioWare officials revealed that the mission he’s sent on in this game will essentially be a suicide mission for Shepard. But for those of us who are used to thinks like 24, the hero even has to survive a suicide mission somehow. Due to the fact that it’s supposed to be a suicide mission, the game’s pitcher said that it is going to be an emotional game. It’s going to be even more thoroughly grounded than the original was and that’ll be a feat in itself.

    Yes, there are those that think Shepard is dead as the new trailer (included below) reveals with an Asarii saying she thought Shepard was dead. The reasoning on why really isn’t brought up. Then again, some secrets have to be kept to pull in the audience. Part of the game, much like the first game, will be spent recruiting. The enemy isn’t really revealed. They say it’s not Geth but they show Geth-like zombies going around. It’s mysterious. It really pulls you in and makes you want to play.

    They also said that they’d be working on the gameplay in terms of exploration and combat.

    Mass Effect is one of those games that really sets itself up well for a sequel. However, it’s also one of those games that really sets itself up for defeat because it’s hard to follow up the quality of a game like that. Then there was that teaser trailer with a Geth trooper wearing Captain Shepard’s uniform while announcing Shepard is dead. Different, yes. Interesting also puts it as a complete understatement.

    From what we can see and what was pitched, it seems like something that would be well worth the time to develop it and the time it would take to play. We’ll be finding out sometime in early 2010 when the game is released for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. Prove us right about the quality, BioWare.

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    • jackson said:

      Your Article is crap you know nothing about the game also that for some reason you imply that mass effect 2 will be on the ps3 ‘released for Xbox 360, PC and PS3’

      Even though it has been clearly stated that mass effect 2 is an exclusive TO ONLY microsoft which includes the xbox 360 and the pc NOT the ps3.

      everybody knows that bioware signed a contract with microsoft for exclusivity of the first trilogy of mass effect, WHICH MEANS MASS EFFECT 1…..MASS EFFECT 2….and MASS EFFECT 3
      so it seem that there is a 0% chance that sony will see mass effect 1 or 2 to be on their platform system

      even though you imply you know stuff about the game and by watching vidoes on the internet does not mean that you can post false information about a game

    • Avatar for Jonathan Gronli

      OK, where to start. First off I am sorry that you thought of the article as crap. I also won’t try to say anything that would sound like I’m saying that I’m perfect.

      One of the things that you are complaining about is the one slip up in the console spread. We’re not the first people to do this. Sure we might not have fixed that mistake yet like some other places that ended up being able to do interviews with parts of the development team where more details and a clearly stated console spread were released at a later time during the convention. While that one mistake is regrettable it does not negate the rest of the information in the article.

      Another thing you brought up is the fact that it’s a trilogy to try to argue against both the article (in regards to the console spread), history in regards to industry contracts for exclusivity sometimes don’t hold a lot of weight. How many company exclusives ended up jumping to other consoles, if not right away sometime later? Final Fantasy used to be a Nintendo exclusive and then it went to Sony, PC, Xbox and Xbox 360. Resident Evil used to be a Sony and PC exclusive and then it jumped to the Dreamcast (which they said Code Veronica would’ve been a Dreamcast exclusive and then that jumped to Sony), the Gamecube (which they remade the original series as well as two new games: a prequel and Resident Evil 4 both of which were supposed to be Gamecube exclusives and that only remained true for the prequel) and then Sony and the 360 for RE5. The Metal Gear series started off a Nintendo exclusive, then went to a Sony exclusive to having work on both Nintendo Gamecube and PS2 back to Sony exclusive to soon having a 360 installment. Final Fantasy used to be a Nintendo exclusive and then went to Sony, PC and soon to be 360 when we thought that FFXIII was going to be a PS3 exclusive and that changed before FFXIII was even done in development. So saying there’s no chance that the trilogy would make the jump to the PS3 is just as ridiculous as you think that one mistake is. There are other examples like Silent Hill (originally a Sony exclusive), Doom (originally a PC exclusive), The Elder Scrolls Oblivion (it was originally supposed to be 360 and PC only), etc. Sometimes exclusivity contracts just amount to companies behind consoles saying “OK, we get this first.”

    • jackson said:

      yer yer i accept your apologie however it aint a mistake when you wrote

      ‘in early 2010 when the game is released for xbox 360, PC and PS3’
      Althought you imply your previous statement that it may eventually come to the PS3 you did not write that you clearly show that mass effect 2 will be released along side the other platforms

      regarding your few paragraphs addressing industry contracts, all your examples conflict with other things

      games are exclusives in two ways, they can be contracted by a company e.g. microsoft
      the second way is because the game company e.g. capcom does not have the money to make their game multi-platform e.g. dead rising, which is why they choose the console which seems to be doing the best in its field

      half of the examples you listed were exclusives due the second reason i just previously listed
      half of the examples you listed does not relate to this arguement as those games were only exclusive to ps2 and pc at that time because they were the only platform which cud support that game however when the xbox came out the same games on pc and ps2 where ported over and if you hadnt relised pc is under microsoft so any game on pc can be easily ported to the xbox which is exactly what happened

      contracting is alot different its when they issue an agreement to uphold their exclusivity to the certain company, the list of how many games to produced under their platform is listed in the contracts statement

      regarding your statment of how

      ‘Sure we might not have fixed that mistake yet like some other places that ended up being able to do interviews with parts of the development team where more details and a clearly stated console spread were released at a later time during the convention’

      if you did read a few of the interviews issued even prior to e3 2009 Microsoft conference you would have noticed EA games purchase of Bioware

      “We do not have any reason to port the series to the PS3, all these rumours are conjuring up on the net
      however it has no relation to do with our plans with the series and we have no intention of porting the series, we’ve had a great relationship with Microsoft and done very well, if you really are curious of whether this game does get ported or not then just watch our conference at E3 where we will list all the details about the game…..any more details?”

      that interview was from Muzyka the General Manager of Bioware

      and if you didnt watch the mass effect 2 conference then you shudnt have written what you wrote
      because clearly in the conference they stated that mass effect 2 would be released on the PC and the xbox 360

      also before E3 it was stated that the game was going to be a multi platforming game however Drew Karpyshyn the director of Bioware corrected this by replying “I did not mean that the game was going to be a multi platforming game, what i was meant to say was that the game was not just going to be a console exclusive to the xbox 360 it will also be on the PC which i know alot of mass effect fans were worried about whether or not the game will be ported to the PC”

      With the 10 games in 4 years plan; I think either EA is going to speed up the development process of Bioware-created games because of more manpower from EA or Bioware will come on as an advisory body and will help create better EA games. This is also a big plus to Bioware as they now have one big publisher, and don’t have to worry about trying to find one. Nothing is going to happen relating with porting to the ps3

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