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    Deal of the Day: Nicky Boom 2 free for iPhone, iPod Touch

    by PJ Hruschak on Feb 17, 2010 at 10:15 PM

    This one ends son so get to it as quickly as possible.

    For 24 hours, developer DotEmu is giving away Nicky Boom 2 for iPhone and iPod Touch. That’s right, zero dollars. Free ninety-nine.

    The game is available through the Apple App Store (aka iTunes) today (February 17, 2010) only. Although the company press release did not indicate a specific time period other than “today,” assume it ends at midnight (although the time zone is still a guess). The normally sells for $2.99.

    I played for a few minutes and it’s essentially a 2D platformer in the mood of various ‘80s games. You shoot little green bullets at opponents, jump only tiny platforms, duck into passages and climb ladders to escape various opponents. You tap on-screen icons to move and use objects.

    Here’s the company’s official word on the game’s story:

    “Explore Nicky Boom’s mysterious world and help him to save his village. Straight after rescuing his grand-father from the claws of the dreadful witch Zoldrane, Nicky already has to cope with a new challenge. It is with his faithful magic White Goose that Nicky is leaving again for new adventures to save the world. This little boy will have to overcome varied traps, find the keys enabling him to access lots of secrets paths. Nicky will also encounter on his way hordes of poisonous mushrooms, killer wasps, prickly wheel or even starving grizzlies. Follow him up in this freedom quest and help him discovering the way to release his country of origin.”

    Puchase [Nicky Boom 2 @ iTunes] Site [DotEmu]

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