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    I’m a robot with a penchant for video games, anime, photography, art, and those delicious Reese’s peanut butter mini-eggs.

    Location: San Francisco
    Birthday: February 13
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    Janine Dong

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    • RE: CoroCoro magazine reveals Pokemon Black and White’s three starters [Gamertell]
      I agree…they all look ridiculous. How upsetting…but you know, for however many Pokemon are already in the universe, shouldn’t be surprised that the creative juices are getting a little dried up πŸ˜› Hopefully their evolutions will be more promising?
    • RE: The Sims 3 headed to (almost) every video game system [Gamertell]
      I could never really enjoy the console/handheld versions of The Sims because I didn’t like being restricted so much….with all those goals and tasks that you have to complete throughout the game… It kind of defeats the purpose of calling it a “God” game, doesn’t it πŸ˜›
    • RE: Spend some quality time with Mimana Iyar Chronicle [Gamertell]
      You two might be interested in Record of Agarest War for the Xbox 360 coming out at the end of next month. It had a lot more dating sim elements judging from the fact that you can actually have an offspring in the game and its stats depend on which girl you woo and how you woo her. So….when are they going to make a dating sim RPG for girls? Actually,you might want to check out Real Rode, Jenni.
    • RE: Gamertell Review: Last Escort: Club Katze for PSP [Gamertell]
      @caddyalan Yes, the Last Escort series has always been more on the visual novel side as opposed to a full out dating game, but this current release seems to have really trimmed down in regards to engaging the player. I have played visual novels before, such as Idea Factory’s Hiiro no Kakera and Hakuouki, and I actually enjoyed those because I actually cared about the stories. I was really anticipating this game because I really enjoyed its predecessor on the PS2, but the story and dialogue falters so much in Club Katze disappointingly. D3 Publisher has released otome games in the past with some unique concepts, such as Vampire Knight DS. That was fun. This is not surprisingly.
    • RE: Final Fantasy XIII debuts March 9, 2010 in North America, Leona Lewis provides theme song (updated) [Gamertell]
      I’m so disappointed!! This is such a cop-out from Square Enix πŸ™ And the voice acting is really laughable >:| Why does Lightning’s sister have an accent and she doesn’t???? HUH?? HUH??!! This is enough to make me not even go near the US version of the game.
    • RE: Amaterasu’s legacy continues in Okamiden DS [Gamertell]
      There is absolutely no way that I can say “no” to a puppy version of Amaterasu!! :B
    • RE: Gamertell Preview: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona for PSP [Gamertell]
      This game would be a great tie-over until P3 comes out stateside, but the graphics during battles put me off because they’re so tiny! Why do I place so much emphasis on graphics? How superficial of me! BTW, have you seen the remake of Lunar Silver Star Story??? I’m not sure if I’ll pick it up or wait for Eternal Blue..heh heh.
    • RE: Gamertell Review: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor for DS [Gamertell]
      I’m at a total loss as to which ending I’m currently headed for πŸ˜› I doubt I’m going to play this game again though….unless, I can’t find any interesting imports to play over here πŸ˜€
    • RE: Help Atelier Annie use alchemy to build a resort and attract a prince [Gamertell]
      Annie sounds like the type of girl I strive to be like….marrying rich so that I’m set for life. The girl’s got her priorities straight πŸ˜›
    • RE: Gamertell Review: The Sims 3 for PC and Mac [Gamertell]
      I haven’t actually spent all that much time for me to run into glitches yet in The Sims 3 (knock on wood). I really dislike the fact that you can’t build community lots like you could in the previous installments. It’s pretty lame…or maybe that’s what’s in the works for the first expansion pack (lame!). I’m not that annoyed with the fact that you can only play one family at a time. You can still place your own created sims in the town if you want them to be incorporated into your current family’s life. I also like the seamless town cuz there are hardly any load times anymore. That’s one thing that annoyed me in The Sims 2. I used to try to build a lot that had everything in it just so my sims didn’t have to go to the store. I’m truly amazed at all the bargain buys that you always run into! I was able to get The Sims 3 for $10 also, but that’s cuz I have a friend who works at EA. You need to sprinkle some of that champion bargain finding luck on me over here πŸ˜›
    • RE: E3 2009: XSEED lineup includes plenty of RPG goodness [Gamertell]
      Wow, it’s good to see that Fragile is actually going to make it over here to the US. It’s been almost a full year since I last saw it for the first time at TGS in October. Man, this game made me feel very, very uncoordinated….and it didn’t help that you’re always being attacked by spooky apparitions :/
    • RE: Gamertell Review: Mana Khemia: Student Alliance for Sony PSP [Gamertell]
      That egg blob is a pretty dark character actually…he looks all cute, but he’s actually got a really deep voice…for some reason. It all doesn’t make sense!
    • RE: Opinion: There’s nothing intelligent about Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time’s AI [Gamertell]
      Out of frustration, I often find myself torturing my AI party members by tossing them into bodies of water and then freezing them, for example. I truly believe that there is no way for me to be able to pass the desert dungeon thanks to my wifi connection. The AI sucks, sucks, sucks, sucks so much that it’s unforgivable!
    • RE: Gamertell Exclusive: Street Fighter IV National Championship Finals video extravaganza [Gamertell]
      Sorry! I’m fixing it! It’s hard to keep track of all your guys.
    • RE: Muramasa: The Demon Blade changes hands [Gamertell]
      Oh, wow! I’m really digging the character art and animation. I just hope that its difficulty doesn’t rival that of Prinny….that was some hard, hard stuff. As always, I’m a little concerned with how the controls will work since this is a Wii game. My arm tends to lose all feeling once the blood has been drained from it after suspending it for extended amounts of time πŸ˜›
    • RE: A look at DS games Nintendo’s never released in North America [Gamertell]
      I’m such a “wagama” and I love shopping…that Girl’s Mode is so me..haha! I love the art style of Soma Bringer πŸ™‚
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