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    CES 2010 Hands On: MLB 10 The Show

    by Brian Allen on Jan 18, 2010 at 03:08 PM

    Sony’s MLB The Show franchise has been a dynasty in recent years, convincing millions of baseball fans to take the PlayStation 3 plunge. In fact, in 2009 The Show outsold MLB 2K9 even though the 2K Sports baseball offering appears on multiple systems. So it’s time to rest on their laurels, right?

    If you believe that, you probably think the New York Yankees are finished spending money for the year.

    The 2010 incarnation of The Show features 2,500 more animations than last year’s effort, including several hundred that are player specific. Little touches such as Ichiro tugging at his shirt sleeve before batting add to the experience and increase the chance someone will think you’re watching a game, not playing one.

    The Show was also one of the games Sony was displaying in 3D. Just imagine how sick that Jake Peavy fastball is going to look coming at you in 3D. The first time, you will probably duck out of the way even though you’re in the privacy of your own living room. (We won’t tell anybody.) Because of the one-on-one nature of the batter/pitcher dynamic, The Show has the potential to really show off 3D gaming’s capabilities. I’m guessing somebody at Sony thought the exact same thing.

    In sports games, the career mode has taken on huge importance and there are some new additions to the “Road To The Show” Mode. You can now play a Catcher Mode that will actually allow you to call pitches. A great catcher is an important part of the game, that’s why many ace hurlers have their own favorite catcher. I wasn’t able to explore this mode but I’m definitely looking forward to it.

    In any case, 2K Sports is seriously going to have to step its game up. Just as in real sports, if one team keeps winning consistently that’s where all the players want to be.

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