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    CES 2010 Hands On: LEGO Universe takes on the world of MMOs

    by Brian Allen on Jan 8, 2010 at 06:20 PM

    In recent years, we’ve seen LEGO conquer the worlds of Indiana Jones, Batman and Star Wars, to name a few. Up next is NetDevil’s LEGO Universe, which takes everyone’s favorite constructible toys into the realm of MMOs. Hey, I was laughing when I heard the LEGO Star Wars idea initially.

    The LEGO console games have provided a unique take on the universes they’ve delved into so far, so I’m not going to doubt them here. As in other LEGO concepts we’ve seen, the focus of the game is about construction and customization. There was a real-life LEGO display case showing creations people had made in the game. Among the cars on display was the world famous DeLorean from Back to The Future. (If somebody snaps that up as a new LEGO franchise, I hope the designer of that car gets a royalty check or something.)

    This game doesn’t focus on any individual license, but goes back to LEGO basics such as cars and rockets. Perhaps the only thing more fun than building a LEGO rocket is launching one, and in a video game you can actually watch your creation take flight. On another stage, a little LEGO guy was tasked with racing to the top of a mountain faster anyone else.

    The target audience is the younger crowd, but gamers of all ages were enjoying it on the showroom floor. Building with LEGOs turns even us hardened, cynical journalist types into big ol’ kids.

    “Stages like this mountain race allow you to play against friends,” Demo Tester Henrik Steen Krogh said. “This game is all about customization and you can be as detailed as you want, or keep it simple. Then you can upload your creations online for everyone to see.”

    One of the best things about the LEGO games is how they buck the stereotype that video games are brain dead entertainment. Most MMOs aren’t about “winning” in the traditional sense, but working together to achieve common goals. Keeping that in mind, LEGO and MMO are probably a match made in heaven. A cute little heaven with square clouds and angels with round, cherub-like faces. No set date has been announced for this one, but NetDevil is signing up beta testers as we speak.

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    • Lars Tong Strömberg from Malmö, Sweden said:

      Great post! Agree LEGO and MMO:s probably a match made in heaven. Wrote a blog post earlier today on Lego as a company and mentioned Lego Universe then + link to a presentation their VP Digital did in CPH 2 mts ago:

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