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    Apple App Store gaming update for the week of February 8 through 14, 2010

    by Kris Rosado on Feb 15, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    gamertell apple app store weekly update logoThe Apple App Store gaming update is Gamertell’s weekly look at the previous week’s Apple App Store game releases. We cover them all – good and not so good – in their respective categories with a breakdown of the great games and the free games right where you want ‘em, at the top and in your face. The list is available every Monday, right as you are about to start that long work week.

    We have quite a good lineup of this post-Valentine’s Day week, so if you received an iTunes gift card maybe you’ll want to spend it on some of this week’s top games including iwordz, Battle for Wesnoth, Double Dribble Fastbreak, Basketball Stars, Pico GP, and Zombie Farm

    What’s Free

    Steam Wars Luna
    “In this tutorial version, learn and practice the game strategies by playing on Luna and get ready to take on an inter-planetary duel for honor. Steam Wars takes you straight to a steam-punk style universe, and pits you head to head to your arch-enemy.”

    Animal Memory Quiz (FREE)
    “Train your brain with “Animal Memory Quiz”! This game is also great for kids. 65 levels with increasing difficulty train you to remember up to 10 animals. Remember the animals at the top. Once they disappear try to find the animals as fast as you can. The faster you are the more points you get. Become on your phone first and then compete worldwide via the online HighScoreList.”

    Zombie Farm
    “Farm on the go, with your iPhone! Plant, Grow, Bury, and Harvest in this quirky farming game. Pick up your plow and enjoy the undead countryside while you literally grow your army of darling zombies to help bring your beautiful farm to greatness.”

    Kill the King Lite
    “Kill the King combines the best aspects of artillery, puzzle, and physics games into one! Collapse castles, avoid windmills, and use exploding bricks to your advantage in achieving a single goal: kill the King.”

    Mine Hero
    “It’s a classic mine sweeping game. If you are tired of big games, this simple puzzle game may be a good choice for you. It’s entertaining and challenging though it’s free! Enjoy yourself.”

    “From the makers of Wizard101 for the PC comes WizardBlox, a puzzle mini-game from the hit video game Wizard101! WizardBlox is like the game you play in Wizard101 called Sorcery Stones but with a twist – In WizardBlox, you can earn codes for gold, potions, or other surprises to use with your Wizard101 character! Here’s how you play – touch and slide a block to move it horizontally left or right. Create matches of 3 or more blocks of a single color. Don’t let the blocks reach the top of the screen or the game will be over! In addition to normal blocks, various special blocks can appear in the playfield. Pinwheels match any other block. Bombs count as a block of that color, and make a huge explosion when they go off! Jewels match any blocks like pinwheels, and also destroy all the blocks of that color when you make a match. Reinforced blocks must be matched once to destroy their reinforcement. Frozen blocks cannot be swapped around.”

    Necromancer Rising Lite
    “This is the lite version of Necromancer Rising offering a free method to taste of the Necromancer’s realm. You will find the first level of his lair open to explore with 3 Quests and one general awaiting you below. This is a fully 3D RPG in the veins of Diablo with an Elder Scrolls play style. Give it a try its FREE!!! The full game features 50 levels, 50 bosses, thousands of items (WHICH ALL SHOW ON THE CHARACTER), and so much more. Carry on Battle Priest you destiny awaits.”

    DarkSonar Lite
    “Dark Sonar is a new-type submarine battle game that you have never seen before. We believe it’s so unique and exciting that you will love it very much. Missions are like: Find the enemies and destroy them. Locate the base of the enemies and destroy it. You must help our allied mother ship not to be sunken, You must help our allies to destroy all the enemies. And so on.”

    Aegis Lite
    “Aegis is an addictive shooting game. You take control of a battleship and destroy every enemy in sight with your artillery shells. As you annihilate and complete every round, you are awarded credit, which, you can spend on upgrading 5 crucial elements of your battleship: accuracy, mobility, durability, attack power, and reload speed.”

    CartoonWars:Gunner Lite
    “Cartoon Wars Gunner” is an arcade & action game with many unique weapons and skills, which is a spin-off of the original Cartoon Wars.”

    3B Bumper Bot’s Box – BE WARNED:Even More Addictive Than Other Apps!
    “Here at Onteca we are determined to make 2010 the year of the Bots. Deriving from the Monsters vs. Robots game Monsteca Corral, 3B Bumper Bot’s Box follows on the robot trend with a frustratingly addictive fast paced puzzle game. This tongue-twisting name of a game pushes the player’s accuracy levels to the limit, firing an assortment of coloured cubes around the grid need to be intercepted. The player must think fast and act just as quick in order to get the cubes in their designated stations.
    Sounds easy you may think! Hardly. 3B Bumper Bot’s Box starts you out slow gradually releasing cubes from the Robot generator, however as the speed picks up this game takes multitasking to a whole new level.

    Index finger accuracy is key, colour blindness is a definite no no, and the restraint not to throw your iPhone at the wall out of frustration is a must have. So if you can say 3B Bumper Box Bots three times fast without spitting over yourself then you are half way there to having what it takes to try this new app out. Unfortunately at Onteca we have not been so lucky. Raincoats were at the ready in the office, one colleague suffered severe dehydration after attempting to say the name of the game 10 times in a row and another colleague’s iPhone was confiscated whilst trying to beat his highest score.”

    Doodle Bowling
    “Don’t let the crudely drawn lines fool you, Doodle Bowling is a full fledged bowling game with realistic physics and scoring. Send challenges by email or connect to Facebook and compete against the inner circle of your most trusted friends. But be warned: Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop until you beat them all!”

    2360: Battle for Cydonia Lite
    “2360: Battle for Cydonia is Brisk Mobile’s latest action adventure game! Pulse-pounding, finger shaking action await you in this sci-fi thriller. Set in the future, on the planet Mars, warring factions battle for the right to colonize the red planet. You find yourself thrown into the center of turmoil piloting an advanced weapon, the Datalus-5, for the resistance. Will it be enough? Can you turn the tide of battle in time?”

    Yaris Racing
    “Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. introduces the first official YARIS Racing RPG Game. Download the application to your iPhone or iPod Touch and play to WIN. The goal is to complete all missions within limited timeframe and score as high as possible. Play now and submit your score before Monday, 31 May 2010, 5PM (GMT +7)”

    Tune Runner
    “Explore your music library in an all new way with this unique song-based game! The number of levels are limited only by the music you already own – no special music tracks to buy! If you can draw a shape, you already know how to play! Using a single finger, guide Groov-EE the dancing boom-box through the songs in your music library. Trace obstacles to turn them into musical energy that keeps Groov-EE dancing!”

    What’s New


    SEAL Heroes Pirate Takedown: Price: $2.99
    “In a game inspired by real-life events, lead Navy SEAL commandos on a clandestine mission to rescue hostages and re-take a hijacked cruise ship from modern-day pirates. Your SEAL team has a variety of lethal weapons at its disposal, but you score more points by capturing rather than killing pirates as you fight to liberate the ship and free the hostages. SEAL (Sea, Air, Land) veterans helped create SEAL Heroes: Pirate Takedown® in partnership with the SEAL – Naval Special Warfare Foundation, which provides critical assistance and support to SEAL heroes and their families.”

    Panzer Panic: Price: $1.99
    “Bring your cut-out paper panzers’ full firepower to bear and prove that the pen is mightier than the sword! War has broken out on your notepad and your leadership ability is needed to beat the enemy at ferocious tank battles! Use the environment and move various obstacles to protect yourself from opposing ink fire or to block your enemy’s path. Destroy all panzers of the opposing colour by accurately shooting your ink bullets while making sure that you don’t run out of ink fuel! Take advantage of power ups that are dropped on the battlefield in wooden boxes and pound your enemy into the ground!”

    AirStrike Defense: Price: $2.99
    “Intense air and sea combat! Take command of your navy fleet and air force firepower to destroy the enemy! AirStrike Defense combines the intuitive controls of a line-drawing game, the fast paced tactical and strategic elements of an RTS game, and the addictive gameplay of casual gaming, all of which blend to create a unique and fun new experience. Using touch controls, you take command of a full naval strike force of air and sea units. Navigate fleets of ships, including battleships and destroyers, and defend them from oncoming enemy air strikes. Guide attack planes to execute bombing runs in order to destroy entire enemy fleets. Employing these tactics, you engage in full naval battles in which you attack enemy naval units with your air force, while simultaneously defending your own fleet from enemy attacks. Your survival depends on your ability to wipe out the enemy, before they eliminate you! This fast-paced gameplay involves quick reflexes, evasive maneuvers and precise attacks.”

    CosmosTrek: Price: $0.99
    “Asteroid attack the aircraft you drive from all angles of the screen . Tilt your iPhone to let the aircraft you drive survived the asteroid’s impact. Less people can persist for more than 80 seconds! Use you wise brain and smart hand, concentrate is the road to victory!

    Rise of the Triad: Dark War: Price: $4.99
    “As you enjoy the non-stop action fighting trough four full episodes containing 32 levels, discover why Rise of the Triad can’t be sold in Germany and why it was the fist game to earn highest rating from RSAC for gratuitous violence. Play as one of the five H.U.N.T. members: Taradino Cassatt, Thi Barrett, Lorelei Ni, Doug Wendt, or Ian Paul Freeley. Each member possesses unique characteristics allowing for diverse gaming experience emphasizing balance, speed, accuracy, and strength. Use thirteen hardcore weapons available to bring destruction to your adversaries as you make your way through super huge levels nearly one million sq. feet in size and 16 stories high. Be as destructive as you can and earn Ludicrous Gibs!!! Discover cult’s magical powers and use them to your advantage. Smite the enemy in the God Mode, bring pain from the above as you fly in Mercury Mode, take the bite out of evil in the Dog Mode, and more!”


    Marbles Fantasy: Price: $0.99
    “Marbles Fantasy is an arcade/adventure game where you get the golden beads so that you move on to the next stage. You’re going to play the game in several fantasy spaces with your marble character.”

    Hudriks: Price: $1.99
    “Take part in the adventure of Hudriks as they take on the challenge of saving the world.”

    Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 4: Price: $1.99
    “Strange symbols found while hunting remind Arok of an encounter with a charismatic traveler a long time ago. In order for him to find his long-forgotten friend, the most brilliant painter of Prehistoric times, Arok begins a long and perilous journey. Play as Arok and enter a fascinating and bewitching Stone Age adventure. Learn about Prehistoric life, follow the path of your mentor and work with him to recreate the paintings of the renowned Lascaux Cave. Venture through a wild time and decipher the symbols left by our ancestors. Hunt, fish, cut stones, paint animated frescoes and take part in mysterious shamanist ceremonies to win your place among the Lascaux Cave artist tribe. Will you be able to come through our ancestors’ secrets and survive in this wild and harsh world?”


    Crazy Rabbit : Yummy Carrot: Price: $0.99
    “Let’s play with the Crazy Rabbit shown up in the backyard to eat a carrot.
    Attacked and ostracized by human, for having a different looks. Just be one of it! Avoid the attack! Use Accelerometer to move around the field. Tilt toward the direction where wish to go. Touch the screen to spit. Be aware! This clears the obstruction!”

    Valentine’s Day Sucks: Price: $0.99
    “Cupid has decided to spread love into Hell. You must help Evil Cupid stop this love plan. Shoot pitchfork arrows into Love and destroy it. Only you can stop Cupid’s Love, Wedding Cakes, Babies, and Kissing from reaching Hell. Don’t let Kissing get into Hell because Evil Cupid really hates kissing and will explode.”

    Space Brick – Unlimited Game: Price: $0.99
    “Space block-busting game. Simple, but fun. Enjoy fun. Level is unlimited. Now the challenge for the highest level.”

    Rocket_Escape: Price: $0.99
    “Landing game to make them land in base observing the speed limit. The number of fuels decreases when the rocket is jetted. Attention of it becoming impossible to operate when fuel disappears.
    When landing in the place where neither the speed nor the place are in the limitations, the airframe damages seriously.”

    Cupid Hunter: Price: $0.99
    “Tired of Valentine’s Day? Fight back with Cupid Hunter! Survive 10 challenging and exciting levels of Cupid Hunting Fun. Compete against others around the world for the Cupid Hunter Champion.”

    Road Rage-Arcade Driver: Price: $1.99
    “This is a REAL test of iPhone skill- are you up to it? Whether you remember the arcade driving game or are new to this, Arcade Driver Road Rage is a fun game where you can keep competing for your fastest time again and again. This is a simple yet compelling game that will have you trying to beat the clock well into your bedtime! Players of the PC version in pubs voted it one of their top 5 games (, 2009) Use the iPhone to steer yourself from one level to another in an attempt to complete the course- If you go too fast you will hit the “No Entry” signs and the game will finish. If you go too slow then your time is going to look real bad with even your Grandpops beating you! You have to be quick! This game is about completing the course in the fastest time possible without losing it and getting Road Rage!”

    Space Raider: Price: $0.99
    “Space Raider is a game of controlling spaceship to avoid enemies, you can slide finger to control the spaceship easily on screen, and using different weapons to beat them. To complete each level, you should collect numbers of power box in the level. In first levels, you don’t have weapons, and the only way to finish level is to avoid the enemies, but at the Level 4, you would start to use different kinds of weapons: Missile, Laser, Super Bomb. Beat them by using these weapon, further more, there is a Final BOSS waiting for you at the end of levels, try to don’t make him disappointed…”

    Heartbreaks Revenge: Price: $0.99
    “Cupid has caused you to fall in love only to have your heart broken for the last time! Get back at that meddling cherub by preventing him from causing other people to fall in love… with missiles! Command your missiles to take out Cupid’s arrows and the cherubs themselves in this fun action-filled game!”


    Ice Classic Wood Solitaire – Peg !: Price: 0.99
    “A Ice Classic Wood Solitaire – Peg !” is an “Solitaire/Peg” board game in the “Ice Classic Wood ” version! During the game, you can listen your own music!”

    Igowin Life: Price: $2.99
    “One of the fastest ways to get stronger at the strategy game “go” is to practice solving life and death problems. A game often depends on the life or death of a group of stones, so knowing the difference is vitally important. Igowin Life includes over 2000 go problems, graded by difficulty. Problems are shown with random orientation and color to increase the variety to over 32,000 positions. The app tracks your progress and gives you problems that you will enjoy solving that are appropriate for your skill level, whether you just learned the rules or you are a Dan level player.”




    Money Wheel: Price: $0.99
    “Get your daily fix of gambling with Money Wheel without losing real money. This popular casino game is available now right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Money Wheel is easy to play and easy to win. You can place bets on as many symbols as you like. The symbol the wheel stops on is the winner! It’s that easy to play!”




    Pikachu – Kawai – Chen Program Study: Price: $0.99
    “Chen Program study mini games. Just find for similar picture that still has three-line relationship. its interesting game.”


    Pokedex: Price: $0.99
    “The perfect companion for any Pokemon enthusiast! Contains information on all 493 Pokemon!”


    Drum Maniac: Price: $0.99
    “Rhythm gaming at it’s extreme! Compete with the world to see if you have what it takes to be the next Drum Maniac! Be warned though, it’s addictive and it will be the most intense 30 seconds of your life.”


    Neander Block: Price: $0.99
    “It is a time of opportunity for your fledgling tribe. resources are abundant, but time is scarce and competition from rivals is fierce. gather the supplies you need to expand your village and establish a foothold in new territory! Use quick thinking, logic, and even a little bit of magic to overcome the obstacles in your way! the future of the neander tribe rests in your hands!”

    Headstone Harry: Price: $1.99
    “Join Headstone Harry in his addictive handheld debut. Jive to swinging jazz tunes while busting tiles in this New Orleans casino style match 3 puzzle game. Use bonus cards to multiply your score and alter block behaviors. Compete with others as you race your way to the top of the leaderboard!”

    Jungle Jewels: Price: $2.99
    “The jungle is full of sparkling jewels – a paradise for treasure hunters! If you like swapping and matching jewels then you will love Jungle Jewels. Combine 3 or more similar gems, collect coins and discover the mystical masks in the temple level by level!”

    Fruits Rush: Price: $0.99
    “Fruits Rush is fully optimized for the touch-screen display of iPhone and iPod touch. The rule is simple, but it’s great fun and easy to learn. You can pick up and play immediately. There are several plates on the playing field. And a new one falls down the playing field every time the time-bar is at the full. Each plate has a fruit inside it. It’s the main goal of the game that breaks all of them to move on to the next level.”

    Chernobyl: Price: $0.99
    “Chernobyl is a puzzle game with “look and feel” based on nuclear power plants. The goal is to turn off all the lights (buttons) on the panel, like a real nuclear reactor control room. When you touch a button, it turns on if it is off, or turns off if it is on. The problem is that when you touch a button, 4 other buttons change of state too. Use your logic to turn off all the buttons with lesser touches possible. When you get all buttons off, you pass to the next level. For each touch, you lose one point. For each level you pass, you get 100 points. There are 100 levels, and the game lets you load and continue your last game if it was interrupted.”

    LoveCatcher: Price: $0.99
    “Help our heroe to win the heart of her lover, but make attention because her jelous puppy will try to hinder you. One hundred levels, always different. An intriguing and entertaining game. Touch the screen and start to catch the hearts, but attention avoid the bones. All level have a strict number of shots that you can use for take an indicated number of hearts. Do it in less time as possible for have bonus points. Touch the screen and have fun.”

    A Pocket Puzzle Fractals: Price: $0.99
    “A Pocket Puzzle Fractals is a challenging and relaxing puzzle game that is simple to play, but difficult to master, easy to pick up, but hard to put down. This game consists of 9 intricate, high quality images ready to play, with six levels of difficulty for hours of entertainment. You can also create your own Custom Puzzle from any image in your iPod touch or iPhone photo library.”

    California Gold Rush 2: Price: $2.99
    “Blast your way underground in 40 exciting levels full of fun challenges, adventure and surprise! Dig out as much gold as you can before you run out of stamina! Tunnel ever deeper – without destroying anything valuable! Avoid ghosts, collapses and other dangers to retrieve lost totem pieces and uncover the ultimate gold bonanza! Along the way unlock bonus missions and discover dinosaur bones, gems and other hidden surprises!”

    Hello Kitty Match3 Maniacs: Price: $1.99
    “Match-3 Maniacs is one of the standard action puzzle game. Now Hello Kitty version Match-3 Maniacs (M3M Kitty) is finally available for our fans! This application contains 126 blocks design from 18 theme, which are pop and cute Kitty and her family, her famous friends, small props and so on. “


    PicoGP: Price: $0.99
    “PicoGP is a perfect mix between dexterity and strategy. Select your gear, choose the best trajectory and flick your car with your finger! But be careful, you can only switch 1 gear per turn, so you’ll have to foresee curves and use the best trajectory to win the race! PicoGP features unlockable cars with unique characteristics that will let you choose your own driving style! Complete the 3 championships to win the ultimate car: the Dominator! But be careful, your opponents will get more and more aggressive! Perfect your lap against your own ghost using the time trial mode and challenge your friends over Facebook!”

    Role Playing

    Across Age: Price: $6.99
    “Across Age rekindles the golden 16-bit era.Travel back through time and experience an all new oldschool 2D Action RPG! “Across Age” is the first Zelda like Action RPG to include real environmental puzzles, with the look of famous SNES and Genesis cartridge games. The game offers 15 hours of classic 2D Action RPG gameplay, exciting story, anime cutscenes, a sweeping soundtrack and tons of diversified locations, monsters and riddles. Step into the role of 2 switchable characters: swordsman Ales and magician Ceska, each with own fighting and special skills that are needed to solve tricky puzzles and successfully battle fierce monsters. This cooperative element is one of the key features of the game. Another key feature is the possibility to travel through time and revisit places, enabling exciting events and riddles. Find spike shoes to walk on ice, burn bushes to open new paths, find friends who help you on your journey. Let the adventure begin!”


    The Librarian: Price: $0.99
    “The library opened, people come to library to see. Please specify each person sitting at a table, remember to look at each individual book, showed him, you will get the appropriate money. Earn money, you can buy more books, customers will be more time through the book, then the income will increase. You can also buy a table or a chair, so that more people will be reading at the same time,Increase revenue.”

    Jungle Explorer: Price: $1.99
    “Jungle Explorer is an exploring-simulation game. As a team leader, you must control a team of explorers to explore many location around the world. Discover secret items of each location ,solve puzzles and gain access to secret areas, protect your team member from wild animals and make your way to a final destination.”


    Archery world championship: Price: $1.99
    “40 countries to select. Olympic Games mode & 1P VS 2P mode, simple & delightful control. Realistic shooting form & camera view. Immersive & Realistic sound of the Olympic stadium. Various level of difficulty (30m, 50m, 70m, 90m)”

    Extreme Lawn Bowls: Price: $1.99
    “Extreme Lawn Bowls – the world famous tactical ball rolling sport has become renowned for its style, flair and spontaneous human combustion since conception. Are you ready to unleash an apocalypse on the bowling green? Finally the number one Extreme Lawn Bowls simulator has come to YOUR iphone! Smash your opponent’s bowls from the arena and unleash devastating special moves for glory! With four tournaments, six-way multiplayer and a unique score attack mode – Extreme Lawn Bowls offers the definitive bowls experience and fantastic value for money!”

    Cannon Basket: Price: $0.99
    “In Cannon Basket you must control cannon direction with your finger. Release touch to set cannon power and try to score a basket. Basket change position at each level, harder and harder to score up!”

    X2 Snowboarding: Price: $6.99
    “After learning the basics and earning your boarding pass from the Boarding School, take the character of your choice to the varied international slopes. Choose from 6 colourful boarders; Adler (Germany), Yukiko (Japan), Edward (UK), Katie (Canada), Aaron (America) & Terhi (Finland), each with individual strengths and weaknesses suiting particular playing styles and event types. Your boarder will be taken from the commercial slopes of USA, to going off the beaten track under the setting sun of Japan, to taking illicit advantage of the ski-only slopes in Switzerland, the perilous back country traverse of Chile, the night-life of a snow-village resort in Canada and the final treacherous cliff edge teeter in New Zealand.

    The boarding is performed with an intuitive combination of iPhone accelerometer tilt & on-screen touch/gesture control- with 2 varying tweaked control mechanisms to choose from.
    Once you’ve got the hang of the controls, you’ll soon realise that X2 Snowboarding is no ordinary snowboarding game! Successfully performing and chaining spins, flips, grabs, grind manoeuvres & buttering bestows your boarder with time-warping abilities to rewind & replay sections of the course in real-time, release adrenaline to slow down time to perfect tricky manoeuvres or ‘boost’ to leave your opponents standing. Using these special abilities wisely will give your boarder the edge in competition.

    Hyper Sports Winter: Price: $1.99
    “You can play the exciting winter sports in your hands by unique and intuitive operations only iPhone offers. Select your country, uniform and avatar, challenge the main five winter sports as a national representative player, accomplish the highest score!”

    Redneck Deer Hunting: Price: $1.99
    “It is the first day of deer hunting season and you are stoked. You have your gun all cleaned and ready to go. You have your lucky camouflage overalls. You are driving your old truck Betsy and all of a sudden you see tons of deer. You know that you will never see that many in the hunting grounds. You pull out your rifle and start shooting. Welcome to redneck hunting. The game also included a fun plinking round where you can shoot pop cans for target practice.”

    Magnetic Sports Hockey: Price: $2.99
    “Magnetic Sports Hockey is based on the classic table game where players were mounted on a spring right in the middle of a shallow pit. We implemented magnetic forces together with the shallow pit for a more dynamic and spectacular game. More, now you can move your goalkeeper and even tilt the board.”

    Basketball Stars: Price: $0.99
    “Now you have met the best basketball game in the AppStore. Basketball Stars is the only 5 vs. 5 fullcourt/full featured basketball game in the whole AppStore. If you can’t decide which basketball game to get, try this one. This app offers great fun for both casual players and hardcore gamer. Best Control the players so that you can be the hero of your basketball team.”

    GeoPlay Golf: Price: $9.99
    “GeoPlay Golf is the first game of its kind to use two of the most powerful features of the iPhone. Not only can you swing your iPhone like a golf club and accurately hit a virtual ball, but you can track it in the real world using the power of the GPS. You swing your iPhone like a real golf club and you then you walk to your virtual ball using GPS just like a real golf game. Plan out your course around your own neighborhood, favorite park or your walk to school or work.”

    Double Dribble Fastbreak: Price: $0.99
    “The classic Konami basketball game Double Dribble is back! Double Dribble Fastbreak has all the classic gameplay action you love, plus all new features. With the new fastbreak system, your opponents won’t know what hit them.”


    Battle for Wesnoth: Heir to the Throne: Price: $0.99
    “Battle for Wesnoth is the official port of a gigantic, complex and detailed full-scale strategy-RPG. We made sure that nothing was cut from the game, everything from flags flapping to skeletons juggling their heads, it’s all here! Wesnoth is a unique combination of tactical strategy RPGs like Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Panzer General, and Final Fantasy Tactics. Using your hero, you need to capture villages to gain income, and recruit new units to do battle. These units gain experience through combat and can level up into powerful new classes. But make sure to protect your veteran troops, as they can be recalled throughout a campaign! To find out more about the game or to play the PC/Mac version for free, please visit This special bite-sized version features the most popular campaign – Heir to the Throne – with more than 30 hours of gameplay across 25 scenarios! You will play as the young Konrad, as he fights to regain the throne of Wesnoth, of which he is the legitimate heir.

    Battleships: Price: $1.99
    “The battleship is the classic naval strategy game in which two players try to sink each other’s hidden ships. In the Battleships by OrientMaple you can play with a smart computer. The ships belong to the 16th century.”




    iWordz – Mystery Words: Price: $0.99
    “Wordz is an addictive word game similiar to Hangman but with a twist. In iWordz, you have to guess words from their definitions one letter at a time. You begin with 20 “life points” and you have to guess as many words as you can before your life points run out. You lose 1 life point each time you guess a letter wrong and you get life points back when you get a word right.”

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