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    Apple App Store gaming update for the week of February 15 through February 22, 2010

    by Kris Rosado on Feb 22, 2010 at 10:41 AM

    gamertell apple app store weekly update logoThe Apple App Store gaming update is Gamertell’s weekly look at the previous week’s Apple App Store game releases. We cover them all – good and not so good – in their respective categories with a breakdown of the great games and the free games right where you want ‘em, at the top and in your face. The list is available every Monday, right as you are about to start that long work week.

    Countdown to the iPad begins with internet rumors swirling that preorders will begin this week. With something near 30 days until the WiFi-only enabled version of the device is set to officially be unleashed on the public, it’s a safe bet that preorders will either begin this week or next. So what can you look forward to playing on your device? Check out this week’s update which includes: a Free version of Cobra Command, VH1’s I Love the 80’s trivia, Retro Racer and Vancouver 2010: The Official Game of the Olympic Games.

    What’s Free

    Plushed Lite
    “Plushed Lite is now available. Taste this Lite version and then check out the full Plushed experience. Twisted crazy fairytale Adventure-Platformer Plushed. Be a knight and rescue the princess. Meet pizza eaters, kubicorns, vodoo mouse, fat fairy mouse, spiders and many more crazy characters.”

    Cobra Command FREE
    “In 1984 Data East released what was the most cinematic and immersive gaming experience the world had ever seen, an arcade machine called Cobra Command that featured movie-like visuals and surround sound that were years ahead of their time, to put you in the pilots seat of a futuristic attack helicopter. Now 25 years on Revolutionary Concepts and licensor G-mode bring that same game in all it’s glory to the iPhone and iPod Touch! Better yet, the addition of touch screen controls, tilt steering, enhanced h.264 widescreen video, vastly improved graphics, unlockable awards and online scoring, makes for a game unlike anything you’ve likely ever experienced. Incredibly this is only possible on the iPhone and iPod Touch and not todays most powerful.”

    Legions of War III by PlayMesh
    “Turn your nameless army into the most prestigious, powerful legion in the world. FREE graphically-enabled, immersive massively multiplayer online role playing game for iPhone and iPod touch. Gain power for your legion with numerous quests. Equip your legion with weapons, armors, and vehicles. Battle ONLINE with other players. Countless hours of gameplay. Global leaderboard to recognize the top legions. Quest mastery. Badges of honor to track your achievements. Portrait AND landscape views.”

    Robot NO.69
    “You can tilt your iPhone for Shooting at aliens are coming from. If the aliens across the yellow alarm line that the number of aliens crossing to reach five, they will become taller to pull you down, the game will over. In this game there are a lot of aliens. The blue alien who can fly, he has battery in his body, Players must drag it back and forth to get battery. You will get extra 10000 points, when you gather six batteries. If you don’t take notice of the blue alien, he will trap the robot that you play, and you can’t shoot the cartridges again. But don’t worry, you can to be break free by shake your iPhone.”

    “Gammon is a simple version of the classic game “Backgammon” integrated with Coliseum, a social gaming environment designed specifically for mobile devices.”

    Pipe Bomber
    “Don’t let those bombs explode! Push them through the pipes away. Can you do it quicker than your opponent? He is pushing the bombs from other side of the pipes. There are different types of bombs: granades, naval mines, cannon balls, timer bombs. Some you should push immediately, some you should avoid, some you should wait until they are ready to explode. Your opponent has the same problem. Can you manage time better? Can you choose the winning strategy? Can you stay COOL? This game uses Casmul-enabled multiplayer. You can invite and challenge your friends from Facebook and Twitter, compete with them on leaderboards and play real-time matches.”

    Doodle Wars: Beat the Stick
    “Doodle Wars: Beat the Spike is a fast-paced action game for your iPod Touch and iPhone. Use your fingers to defeat the enemies that try to push your ship off the screen. Upgrade your weapons in the shop and blast your enemies away. Beat evil spike and his henchmen in an epic battle. Collect credits to upgrade your ship with superior weapon systems.”

    “Movements of characters used in many situations are applied to different characters that player selects to use. Stylish characters and Effects upon each dance combo. At the end of each session (every 100 coins stacked), mini games are played so that player can lower the risk level, and take a break. About 40 kinds of characters, effects, coins, items, and dancers can be purchased in the Collection Book to be used in the game. Two sound modes: BGM mode / sound effect mode that player wants to use. Various animations were created with our know-how to occupy minimum file sizes.”

    Age of Tribes Lite
    “As the leader of a small group of natives from different eras (egypts, aztecs, vikings and chinese), it’s your mission to lead the members of your clan home safely. Not that simple, since your tribe members trust you blindly and would readily follow any path you present them with. You determine the way home simply by skillfully drawing stairs with your finger. Tap the screen once to start a new stairway – then move the finger to the point where the stairs should end and stop touching the screen. The newly created path only exist for a few seconds – so it depends on the right timing. You can make up to 8 paths at a time. The group members will happily follow any path that you draw for them. And this way, with a little bit of luck, you’ll make sure that all of the clan members reach their home safely. In the process, watch out for dangerous traps and take care that your people don’t fall down to far. To complete a level you have to lead a set amount of members home safely – you’ll find the exact amount at the top edge of the screen next to the time display.”

    VH1’s I Love the 80s Trivia
    “Do you like, totally LOVE everything about the 1980’s? Well, test your knowledge of this most awesome of decades with VH1’s I Love the 80s Trivia game. All questions are written by writers from VH1’s hit series, “I Love the 80s” and it’s sure to challenge even the most bodacious 80s trivia buff. With three types of questions – multiple choice, matching and timeline – this game is guaranteed to take your 80s knowledge to the max. Each question pack contains 100 questions, with 10 rounds and tons of awesome, vintage 80s photos. Work your way through the rounds, battling against the clock. High scores earn achievements like Cigarette Boat, Alex P. Keaton and Small Wonder. You’ll fer sher need to like totally work to prove you’re not a dweeb. And, after you master the singleplayer game, challenge your friends to head-to-head trivia showdowns using your iPhone’s or iPod touch’s Bluetooth capabilities. Then, post your score to Facebook…or invite your friends to play using Facebook Connect.”

    X Invasion 2 Lite
    “This free Lite Version of X Invasion 2 lets players try out the first 5 missions of Campaign Mode. To get the full X Invasion 2 Experience, purchase the full version which includes 3 modes of play.”

    Ultimate Word Search
    “Ultimate Word Search has 23 categories filled with fun word search puzzles. If you like Word Search puzzles, then this is the game for you! Select the words by tapping on the start and then end. Or you can tap and drag a line as well. When the correct words are found they are automatically crossed out. Find all 12 words to get a new puzzle. Categories include: Vocabulary Words 1, Vocabulary Words 2, Vocabulary Words 3, Vocabulary Words 4, Vocabulary Words 5, Adjectives, Verbs, Animals, Christmas & Winter, Clothes, Countries, Elements, Foods, Fruits & Veggies, Human Body, Kings & Pirates, Plants & Trees, Sports, SAT I, SAT II, SAT III, SAT IV and SAT V.”

    Pizookie Challenge
    “Pizookie® Challenge is a kid friendly, family approved game with three unique levels for everyone to enjoy. Start with the “easy level” to master your ice cream scooping and stacking skills to create as many Pizookies® before the clock runs out. Explore the “medium level” for some added difficultly of scooping multiple flavored scoops of ice cream to build a successful medium Pizookie. The “stack master level” is for those who have super fast stacking skills to create an 8 scoop multiple flavored ice cream Pizookie.”

    Sumo Stealth
    “A sumo wrestler is trapped. Trapped, in a shopping mall… full of roaming gangs of Punks and Monks. When a sumo has nowhere to run, he must blend in to survive. Sumo Stealth is an addictive action game with a simple one button control scheme. The game was designed and developed in only 2 days as part of a global game creation event called Global Game Jam.”

    Neander Block Free
    “it is a time of opportunity for your fledgling tribe. resources are abundant, but time is scarce and competition from rivals is fierce. gather the supplies you need to expand your village and establish a foothold in new territory! use quick thinking, logic, and even a little bit of magic to overcome the obstacles in your way! the future of the neander tribe rests in your hands!”

    ZombieCrasher Lite
    “You just tap to kill all Zombies as fast as you can … You can use Bombs if you can Hit zombies at the same time !!! Also ZombieCrasher2 (full-version) is Now on Sale!!!.”

    iDigger Classic Lite
    “Straight from the 80’s, for connoisseurs of vintage games. Try to beat the World Record!”

    Irons War
    “Find the opponent base and seize the base to win the game. Players scroll maps by touching on iPhone / iPod touch display. There are only 4 types of units both on your side and the opponent side: lightweight unit, middleweight unit, heavyweight unit and flying unit. Unlike the conventional strategy games, this game does not require precise settings for each units. The same type of units have the same ability like Go. Capture enemy units by building good strategies with the four types of units and geographical characteristics.”

    Flip Guard
    “A shooting game. Unlike conventional shooting games, players do not shoot bullets, but players flip characters to beat enemies. From the start of the game, many types of enemy appear to attack your star. Please protect your star with your friend characters. Your friends come to you, so that you can flip them with your finger to make them go towards the enemies to beat them. Finding the features of your friend characters is the key to win this game. We bet that you can feel the characters on iPhone display moving under your fingers. Enjoy it and play with them to guard your star!”

    Parachute Ninja Free
    “Take the first steps to greatness in this trial version of the critically acclaimed Parachute Ninja. This fun and addictive game launches your character through 30 action-packed levels spanning 4 picturesque regions on a quest of revenge against a mysterious enemy. Parachute Ninja is a unique high-flying platformer with rubber-band style slinging, tap-activated parachutes and satisfying physics. Defeat hovering enemies, avoid danger and collect fireflies to get the highest score as you embark on your flinging, flying adventure. Parachute ninja features both Story and Survival Modes which unfold in beautiful, eye-catching environments. Challenge yourself, friends and family with online leaderboards and Plus+ support for earning awards.”

    Guardian Knight Lite
    “It is different and more present from other tower defense games. The purpose of this games is to becomes the main character called William who protects the princess(Leona) safely and help the princes to the end. There are various themes which has 5 different maps that have different stages. Also depending on the level of your character you can cast various magic spells and summoning spells. You can play the game actively because each spell has different gestures. You can enjoy the game by leveling through raising system and various spell systems. Also you can upgrade items at the forge.”

    Zombie Defense
    “The living dead have overrun rural Texas! Four gritty Texas souls have survived the initial onslaught and have banded together to take on the Zombie Horde. Lead their struggle to survive! Zombie Defense is provided free of charge, allowing full game play of the first night. The game includes an In-App purchase option to provide access to twenty nights of increasingly spectacular zombie mayhem! How many nights can your band of gritty Texans survive?”

    BattleBotz Lite
    “Welcome to the battlefield Bot Commander! In this game of intense battle action, you are in control to lead your small army of BattleBotz to victory. Select the right BattleBotz, choose tactics and weapons wisely, do the right moves and attack cleverly. Only then you will survive against your enemies! Launch your rocket pod, throw your missiles upon your enemies. When the smoke clears you see the mighty Crunsher Bot rushing towards you. The gravity hammer smashes directly into your Bot and cuts off the right arm. Your only hope for surviving is to grab the next repair kit. Can you make it in time before the rail gun is finishing off your Bot? BattleBotz is a turn-based strategy game set in a Sci-Fi universe. You can fight against the AI and challenge your friends with your high-score, or play directly with your friends in HotSeat mode on the same device. With every round that you win you gain knowledge points which will enable new features of the game. Unlock new maps, weapons and equipment for hours of gameplay. Get ready to rumble!”

    Jane’s Hotel Free
    “Join millions of PC players! Help Jane make her dream come true and build a beautiful 5 star hotel in Jane’s Hotel! You begin with a small 2 star hotel at the outskirts of town and work your way to the top by upgrading accommodations and achieving an excellent reputation. Keep an eye on customer moods and make them happy by building a gold course, serving them exquisite drinks and good meals, or simply cleaning their room.”

    What’s New


    Ram Jet Omega: Price: $0.99
    “Use your Ram Jet to destroy all incoming UFOs by ramming into them. The more you kill the faster they will come. Every time you let one through the more your city will be destroyed. When your city is completely covered with the fire from another world the game is over. Watch for bonus items that will help you along your mission. Be careful of the extraterrestrial radioactive unobtainium that will temporally disable your ramjet.”

    Ghost Hunter 2010: Price: $0.99
    “Ghost Hunter is an action game where you hunt the ghosts that are flying in the air. Various ghosts appear in the various spaces and they have different sizes. They move in arc and they bounce off the wall and the ground. You are a professional ghost-hunter. Shoot the ghost and it will burst and split in a smaller one. Shoot it again and it will split again. Shoot the smallest one and it will disappear. Hunt and destroy every ghost. If you succeed in hunting the ghost, you will get points and obtain a weapon or an item. You can use the obtained weapon and each weapon has different function. You will die if you get hit by the ghost. Challenge to hunt the ghosts using various weapons and items.”

    Virus Fighters: Price: $1.99
    “Nano-fighters set off! He will help the human suffering from ill health to eradicate the world’s most dangerous diseases. Come on! Together with the guard cells against all kinds of crazy virus.”

    Ultimate Fighters: Price: $0.99
    “Ultimate Fighter is a 3D First Person Shooter game. There are 5 fun filled levels, where the objective is to destroy the enemies/aliens, who have captured your snow-land territory (hence have gained points). You need to get their score to Zero to finish a level. This can be done either by killing enemies or by collecting crystals in the Game. Player can kill enemies with grenades. A max of 15 grenades can be held by a player. Beware aliens have flamethrower/grenades with them.”

    Zombie Town: Price: $0.99
    “You are a naughty boy living in zombie-town. You are now on the roof of a building in town. Throw the balloons filled with water on zombies who are walking on the street. But, hit only zombies, not human beings and you will get points. You can move through the roof to aim for your target. Make sure to duck down when zombies get angry at you right after they are hit, or you will lose one Life-heart. Watch out for the police that will try and stop you. Each level has a set number of targets you have to hit. Hit all of them to get to the next level.”

    Dead Climber: Price: $0.99
    “Dead Climber” is an action game in a level of difficulty of “S”!! You guide the climber and climb to the goal. Face a bumpy road ahead but you should be able to do it!! Timing is everything!! You should try enjoying a feeling of accomplishment when you could and a feeling of frustration when you couldn’t.”


    Alone: Price: $0.99
    “After a terrible chemical-warfare attack, your city is in ruins. Help your character through the traps and suprises that lie in wait. You are “Alone”. Everyone has evacuated the city and the ones who didn’t make on time… well, they don’t look too good! Find a vaccine for yourself before it’s too late. Your girlfriend may already be infected, so you must find a cure for her. Get everything you need to survive in the city. There are rumours of an antidote at some military installations near the city. And lots more. Check the story of each level to see which are your objectives. “Alone” is a classic isometric platformer game, room based. It uses simple controls and it’s easy to play.”


    The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes: Price: $2.99
    “Women can’t park a car and men aren’t capable of multitasking? With “The Ultimate Battle of the Sexes” you have the opportunity to do away with all the typical cliches and to stick up for your sex. During the six mini games Parking, Shopping, Pub Crawl, Catwalk, Barbecue, and Multitasking, you play for high scores and various different trophies like the golden barbecue tongs or the golden high heel in order to make the other sex look silly. You can use one of four playable characters to hunt for points and go up against other profiles. At the end you can save your high score, which you can then just upload onto facebook, and there you can compete against your friends.”

    Alternate – Arcade Action Game: Price: $0.99
    “Get ready for “alternate”, a simple-yet-addictive blend of fast-paced gameplay and absorbing musical landscapes. Tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to grab as many yellow orbs as you can while avoiding the enemy red orbs. In a jam? Tap the screen to use your alternating ability and reverse the orbs—yellow into red and red into yellow. What were once your enemies are now the way to your new high score, and vice versa.”

    Tap Tap Balloon: Price: $0.99
    “The game screen is divided into two. The screen on your left can be played by your left hand and the screen on your right can be played by your right hand. When you start the game, a pattern of balloons will show up in the both side of the screen. You must tab the same numbered balloons on each screen! The game will progress with an increase in difficulty.”

    PonPonPanic: Price: $2.99
    “The Harzians passed their days in peace in their remote corner of space. That peace was broken when invaders from another planet assailed them! With no weapons with which to fight back, the Harzians appeared doomed! Repulse the airborne invaders by striking them with the Harzians!”

    Flying Brothers: Price: $0.99
    “It has physics engine, interesting characters and dozens of achievements. You will enjoy nice music and lots of interesting game types. Our game is a mixture of the best mobile games. You will feel adrenaline buzz while performing the unique acrobatic tricks. The game also has a built-in Ragdoll-physics system! Flying Brothers is the game for every age!”

    Shuttle 79: Price: $1.99
    “Your ship has been lost in an unknown galaxy and your mission is to find its way back to the home planet, Earth.”

    Block Blaster: Price: $0.99
    “Get ready to unleash a furry of ammunition with the flick of a finger. Block Blaster is a space age Shoot’Em Up inspired by some of the classics but with a multi-touch flavor. Navigate a spaceship through a labyrinth of blocks, blasting anything that gets in your way. Target bad guys by swiping your finger, then let the missiles do the rest. Access your inventory of weapons at anytime and load them in to different firing configurations. Weapons can be purchased, upgraded or sold. Collect coins by destroying your enemies and use them to either purchase more ammo or to buy new weapons at the end of the level. There are lots of weapons to choose from, fully loaded they can do a lot of damage.”

    Rocket Downhill Penguin: Price: $0.99
    “Just in time for the Winter Olympics, if you haven’t had enough of winter yet, this is the game for you. Rocket loves fresh powder and can’t wait to hit the slopes. Keep Rocket from freezing over by collecting hot cocoa as he bombs down the hill. Avoid or smash into the occasional snowman to watch their hats fly off, but too much mischievous fun can be bad for your health. Trees are the real enemy so dodge and weave with your downhill skills or they could freeze you in your tracks. Help Rocket conquer the hill by getting the highest score!”


    Domino Box: Price: $0.99
    “Domino Box brings the classic game of Dominoes on your iPhone and iPod Touch! Challenge the Artificial Intelligence of your device in one of three sets of rules available. And do not think it will be easy, because your machine is smarter than you think. Challenge a friend in ‘2 players’ mode, playing both on the same device.”

    Ultimate Sudoku: Price: $0.99
    “Sudoku is fun number placement brain game that is sweeping the world. The objective is to fill a 9×9 grid with digits so that each column, each row, and each of the nine 3×3 regions contains all of the digits from 1 to 9. Sounds easy, right? Not! Solving a single puzzle can take an hour or more. But the time flies in this highly addictive game. Are you ready for the challenge?”

    Sudoku Shuffle: Price: $0.99
    “Sudoku Shuffle is a Sudoku variant that combines the elements of Sudoku and the challenge of a Rubik’s cube. In Sudoku Shuffle, you start with a Sudoku grid filled with out of place numbers. The goal is to rearrange the numbers so they form a valid Sudoku puzzle. You move the numbers around by sliding the rows and columns using touch gestures. A valid Sudoku puzzle must have one of each number in every row, column, and square region. Sudoku Shuffle features two difficulty levels. Easy Mode starts you off with a mini Sudoku board which only uses the numbers one through four. The rules are exactly the same, so Easy Mode gives you the opportunity to try out different strategies on a much smaller grid.”








    Forest and Farm Animals: Price: $0.99
    “This high-value learning program will playfully introduce your children to the animals of the woods and farms. The program has been tested by experts in the fields of education and psychology and it proves to be beneficial to the development of your children. It is possible to scroll the drawn landscape and to click on animals individually. The information provided for each animal includes its name, sound and a short video. In addition, toddlers have the chance to discover the program by using a special “toddler mode”, where the keys are bigger and no scrolling is necessary to play the videos.”


    CleverMedia’s Something Fishy: Price: $0.99
    “It’s a fish-eat-fish world in your iPhone! Try to help Walter the fish avoid the bigger fish and eat the smaller ones to help him grow. But look out for the Shark, he’s always out to get you. Something Fishy is one of CleverMedia’s original hit games for the Web. Originally produced in 1997, this new iPhone version includes three bonus games staring Walter and his friends. Something Fishy is a fun, addictive distraction for adults and children alike.”

    Playdaterific: Price: $0.99
    “There are only so many movies you can watch or toys you can buy. Use this app to spice up the way you play with your children and hang with your adult friends. This app comes with 50 great play date ideas for kids and parents. It is also a play date idea manager, allowing you to add notes, links, and completely new dates to the list. Manager your favorites and add content to any playdate to keep track of all your playdate ideas.”




    My Name is Khan – Official Game: Price: $0.99
    “MY NAME IS KHAN is one man’s epic journey to reclaim his lost love. Rizvan has Asperger’s Syndrome but that doesn’t deter him. However, he could do with a bit of help. Speed up Rizvan Khan’s journey across America by solving puzzles every step of the way. Every puzzle you crack brings Rizvan one-step closer to his destination.”

    Classic Horror Movie Puzzle: Price: $0.99
    “Classic Horror Movie Puzzle is a chilling puzzle game full of the ghosts of old Hollywood. Slide the tiles to reveal the movie posters from classic horror films. All of these legendary images can be saved directly to your photo library once completed. This entertaining app is a must have for all classic Hollywood fans!”

    GachaKeshi! TouchPuzzle: Price: $1.99
    “Break by touching, and form chain by arranging! Simple and refreshing puzzle game. This is a touch puzzle game, where user makes the blocks drop by breaking them, and blocks disappear when more than three blocks of same color are aligned in line in horizontally or vertically. Apart from “Color Blocks” of total 7 colors that disappear if brought in line, there are “Rainbow Blocks” that change the color of blocks on screen to different color as well as “? Blocks” that change to another block if touched several times. As the scoring meter located at the bottom of the screen is increased by skillfully breaking the blocks and making them disappear, time will be added and play time can be increased.”

    ZooBox 2010: Price: $0.99
    “Attention! This game is for you! Enjoy this unique and attractive strategy/puzzle game! ZooBox is fully optimized for the touch-screen display of iPhone and iPod touch. The rule is simple, but it’s great fun and easy to learn. You are the curator of a zoo named ZooBox. Rearrange animals in ZooBox to make them look like ones at the upper left corner. You can move them by touching on arrow buttons. You have limited time and the game will end if you exceed the limited amount of moves. Five kinds of items are in addition to the animals in ZooBox.”

    iBloxs: Price: $0.99
    “iBloxs is an addictive game. It is based on the principle of tetris attack. There is a similar game on mac or p.c. called crack attack, which is really fun.”

    PiCTOS: Price: $1.99
    “The rules are very simple. Paint a block with 5 colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and purple, then match 5 blocks of the same color to erase them. That’s it! Paint your favorite color and erase blocks!”

    Devil Invasion: Price: $0.99
    “Invasion of Devil army has begun! Take your squad to defeat enemies” It’s time to forget ordinary gem-swapping puzzle. Massive Devil armies are storming you!! What would you do? Make your own play by training and combining skills. The most incredible bout of wipe out and explode enemies and gems is about to begin by your hands.”

    BLUE ICE CREAM: Price: $0.99
    “You will win if you make more profits than your target every day. You will earn more money when much ice cream sold at once. A bonus will be given when you complete the mission. You will get a block of ice cream to taste it by using the spoon and you can trash it. Rearrange the ice cream so you can sell more. Those two items are payable whenever you use them. You will have a bonus when least blocks of ice cream is left. You will have a bonus when least time is left.


    Swerve Runner: Price: $0.99
    “This is not your average racing game. Roads? Laps? No. Your path is your choice and strategy. You have complete free roam. Race across stunning infinitely-large landscapes on a rocket-powered hovercraft, dodging everything from giant icicles to cataclysmic meteors.”

    Retro Racer: Price: $0.99
    “Avoiding blocks and move a car by tilting your iphone!”

    Role Playing



    Supermarket Management: Price: $2.99
    “Help Kate climb her way to the top and become Supermarket Manager! Fresh out of college, a job has fallen into Kate`s lap and now she needs your help to succeed. Keep your customers happy as you manage a supermarket in this mile-a-minute Time Management game. Purchase upgrades and hire co-workers to make your store run more efficiently and increase profits. Open new shops and make it to the top of the corporate ladder!”

    Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster Rush 2: Price: $4.99
    “Take an expedition through a prehistoric world filled with wild rollercoaster rides around Dinosaurs, through loops-the-loops, and go underwater in Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster Rush 2! Play 40 exciting 3D action-packed rollercoaster tracks with the highest peaks and biggest drops in Career Mode. Challenge and overcome loop-the-loops, chasm jumps, and more to unlock extreme achievements like Hyper Speed and Crushing G’s! Craving more? Go back and replay all completed levels in Challenge Race Mode where you can race to beat your own personal best time! Speed increases your excitement meter, multiplying your score, but even small jolts are enough to send carts hurtling into space!”


    Vancouver 2010™ — Official Game of the Olympic Winter Games: Price: $2.99
    “Embrace the spirit of competition with the Vancouver 2010™ — Official Mobile Game. Become the ultimate winner in this thrilling sports challenge filled with superior features and great gameplay. Play solo or with friends and take part in five electrifying sport events: Cross Country Skiing, 500m Short Track Speed Skating, Snowboard Cross, Biathlon and Freestyle Moguls. Catch the fever and join the world’s most exciting competition!”

    Air Hockey Deluxe: Price: $1.99
    “Premium Air Hockey game”

    American Dodgeball: Price: $0.99
    “Enjoy the dodgeball on iPhone/iPod touch by touch and drag. Two player modes are hot! Play alone or play with your friends to enjoy dodgeball.”


    ADMIRAL : Battle for Uranium: Price: $2.99
    “S.M presents its second title, ADMIRAL, a stunning simulation of global thermonuclear war.
    You play the role of a military general hidden deep within an Underwater bunker. Your mission – to successfully exterminate your enemy’s civilian population whilst disabling their ability to attack your own. Start by launching your subs and bombers in order to control the last nuclear ressources of the world and increase your credits… Stark and foreboding, it feels like you’re at the centre of the Cold War even before a nuke has been fired.Refreshingly simple yet bursting with depth, ADMIRAL is enjoyable as both a quick blast as well as subtle strategic epic.”


    Inside the Office (UK): Price: $0.99
    “So you’re a fan of the employees of Wernham Hogg, huh? You probably think the original UK version of The Office is the BEST version, don’t you? Well just how well do you know David, Tim, Gareth, Dawn and the other characters? “Inside The Office (UK),“is a game featuring over 400 questions from the entire award-winning Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant TV show. The game contains hilarious and challenging questions from all 12 episodes and “The Special.” There are two different modes of gameplay to enjoy, and you’ll have the option of publishing your scores to the Internet to see how well you stack up against people from Slough, Swindon and every other city around the world. Patelware is proud to release “Inside The Office (UK)”! And we don’t do it so people say, “Oh, thank you, Patelware, for the opportunity to play. Thank you for the wisdom. Thank you for the laughs.” We do it so one day, someone will go, “There goes the people of Patelware. I must remember to thank them.”


    Word Quest Plus: Price: $4.99
    “Word Quest is a fun word search puzzle with a twist, challenging features, and unlimited possibilities for the avid vocabulary enthusiast. Unlike many other word search games, the algorithms that generate the puzzle layout were custom designed to create non-repetitive puzzles, with many intersections (including multiple intersections of three and even four words) and coverage amounts that are based on the level of difficulty of your choosing.”

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    • thinkfree said:

      This is a absolutely creative game that involves a bejewelde like twist where instead of up and down, you move in a hexagon, and take away gems diagonally.

      In addition to this, there is a tower defence going on at the top where skeletons and devils are attacking you and the only way to get rid fo them is gems(block).

      Get this Devil-invasion while you can, because this is the one of the best cross-overs i have played!!

    • thinkfree said:

      That is the DEVIL INVASION

    • thinkfree said:

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