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    About Gadgetell

    About Gadgetell

    Gadgetell lives by the phrase “Tech News, Reviews, and Interesting Things” and that is exactly what we bring you. We are not just another tech site; Gadgetell offers consumer electronics news with personality and analysis. Thanks to a passionate group of writers we are able to offer our insights on the latest in hot and breaking news as well as giving you our honest unfiltered opinions when it comes to product reviews.

    On any given day you can expect to find the latest information about the mobile phone world, what’s hot in computers and laptops, recent advancements in the digital camera and camcorder scene, internet/web 2.0/web app happenings, and more. The site also has featured content including: news analysis, columns, trade show coverage, interviews, product giveaways, buying guides, unboxings, podcasts, how-to’s, and first-hand product reviews.

    Gadgetell is part of the Dabbledoo Media network.

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    Here are the people that make it all happen:

    Executive Editors

    • Adam Berger
    • Doug Berger


    • Iyaz Akhtar

    Associate Editor

    • Robert Nelson
    • JG Mason


    • Indraneel Purohit
    • Natesh Sood
    • Leo Blanco
    • Sue Walsh
    • Cheng Hung
    • Arnold Zafra
    • Patrick Lutz
    • Mickey Katz
    • Christian Milsom
    • Jodie Andrefski
    • Shawn Ingram
    • Jessica Moen
    • Heather Wood
    • Eric Brown
    • Chris Shore
    • Zack Teibloom
    • Christopher Vierck
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    • Daniel J. Gansle
    • Vince Pane
    • Arvind Arora

    If you’d like to join the team, visit our jobs page.

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