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Member Since: October 8, 2008
Birthday: July 24, 1987

Kris Rosado

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  • RE: Opinion: We need more awesome mainstream games for women [Gamertell]

    Just throwing these out there: Borderlands, P.N. 03, Muramasa, Resident Evil 2, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Folklore, Silent Hill 3, Final Fantasy 3/6, Suikoden 3, Mirror’s Edge and Demon Siege all allow players to control strong (for the most part at least) female characters.

  • RE: 09/09/09: Taking some time to remember the Dreamcast [Gamertell]

    Hmmm, depends what you are into, but you should check out: – Sonic Adventure – Ready 2 Rumble Boxing – Power Stone – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Giga Wing – D2 – Seaman If you can track down a Boot Disk or Gameshark, you can play imports which will open up a whole plethora of shooting and fighting games such as Ikaruga, Radirgy, and the excellent…

  • RE: And the Kojima Productions countdown counts down to… yet another countdown [Gamertell]

    Far as we know, the only surviving clones of Big Boss were Solidus, Solid, and Liquid. Two out of three we know are dead and the status of series main, Solid, is unknown. But, as you pointed out and I just found out this morning – there’s actually a clone of Solid Snake himself! Could there be yet another living clone or is the game going…

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