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    Jonathan Gronli

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    • RE: Gamertell Review: Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Endgame novel by David Michaels [Gamertell]

      Don’t get me wrong. Conviction and Endgame do work. It’s just that Endgame works a bit better. Rather than giving us the feeling that “we’ve been here before,” Endgame ended up breathing some new life into the novels. It was a different perspective that gave a fresher look at Fisher. I mean Conviction is essentially The Bourne Identity mixed…

    • RE: E3 2009: More details about Mass Effect 2 [Gamertell]

      OK, where to start. First off I am sorry that you thought of the article as crap. I also won’t try to say anything that would sound like I’m saying that I’m perfect. One of the things that you are complaining about is the one slip up in the console spread. We’re not the first people to do this. Sure we might not have fixed that mistake yet…

    • RE: Gamertell Review: The Horus Heresy: Horus Rising by Dan Abnett [Gamertell]

      Well the British dialect of English can be incredibly difficult if you don’t understand the dialect to begin with. It really doesn’t steal away from the quality. If it did I wouldn’t have given the book quite as good of a score. But then again that would be coming from an American mindset and I wouldn’t have been doing my job due to American-centrism.

    • RE: A few of our favorite Lovecraft-inspired games [Gamertell]

      Eternal Darkness was an incredible game.

    • RE: Army to spend $50 million on training games [Gamertell]

      It’s ugly and unpredictable. At least with war as it is now, there is a cost and it makes war the last option of many leaders. Now it’s a regrettable decision for many leaders. With war as a game, it’ll become a common factor of everyday life. If anything goes wrong since war will become such a common place, no one would really care. Basic…

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