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    Member Since: April 8, 2007

    Inspired by the boom of technology blogs, and my outright passion for gadgets, I started Gadgetell in October of 2005 while a senior at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.  Since then, Adam Berger and I (not related) have expanded Dabbledoo Media by starting Appletell and Gamertell.

    Location: St. Louis, MO
    Birthday: March 13, 1984
    My Website:

    Doug Berger

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    Recent Comments
    • RE: Ten percent of users own netbooks? [Gadgetell]

      These kinds of surveys are distorted. Instead of 10% of users, this is more appropriately 10% of users that use PriceGrabber own netbooks. We all know that the type of traffic PriceGrabber gets is mainly from tech sites and others that have shopping portals through them. We could also call this 10% of techies that use PriceGrabber own netbooks.…

    • RE: Did Apple just steal Palm Pre’s lunch? [Gadgetell]

      I’m going to go ahead and patent QWERTY buttons sitting on top of a touch screen. Is that cool with everyone? OK, great. This is absurd. Someone has to pull prior-art on Apple with this one. Patenting multi-touch is not going to fly. Think of all of the patents companies like Microsoft have with the Surface, Intel probably has, etc. We’ll…

    • RE: Who’s on Crack in Tech: 1.16.08 [Gadgetell]

      Come on guys… it’s soooo life-like!

    • RE: How To: Sync Google Calendar with your iPhone over the air [Gadgetell]

      Sounds like an opportunity for NuevaSync. They could allow their service to pull in data from multiple Exchange servers and push them all out via their single server to your phone. Now we’re talkin!

    • RE: How To: Sync Google Calendar with your iPhone over the air [Gadgetell]

      I just set up a shared Google Calendar for my wife and I, set up NuevaSync accounts for both of us, and synced the shared calendar to both of our phones. Now I can add an event on my iPhone, and it will show up on her iPhone when she syncs next. Perfect for sending planned “I love you” alerts throughout the day. 🙂

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