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    Member Since: April 8, 2007

    I was born on the heels of Apple’s Think Different campaign in the heart of Jersey. Since then my entire life has revolved around technology. I sought out every single gadget and gizmo I could get my hands on. Past experiences/hobbies have included owning and operating a mobile DJ company, being a swim coach, and of course the computer fix-it guy for my friends and family … and their friends. Additionally, I have spent time with: a top Japanese electronics company on a product development team, at a SoHo, NY based advertising firm, a tech magazine, and marketing a male oriented personal care product—amongst other things here and there.

    While I never envisioned being a writer, that is what you call this, right? I do love innovation, technology, and toys; this is just the best way to explore the great frontier. Oh, and if you can believe it, Doug and I aren’t even related.

    Location: New York, NY
    Birthday: November 6, 1984
    My Website:

    Adam Berger

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    Recent Comments
    • RE: Food hack: the DIY geek guide to impressive eats this Valentines [Gadgetell]

      Do you really use Wusthof knives? I’m actually looking for 2 new sets of knives and was looking for a reco.

    • RE: AppleTV…Take 3? [Appletell]

      I have been saying for a while that I see the Mac mini and AppleTV colliding. They may still keep two products out there, but it makes sense for the AppleTV to get beefed up and become a living room computer.

    • RE: Apple keyboard concept with iPhone Dock [Appletell]

      It would be great if the iPhone/iPod Touch could act as extra buttons/functions for the keyboard. Either as a trackpad or drawing tool. If it is sitting there it might as well be put to use.

    • RE: Who’s on Crack in Tech: 1.16.08 [Gadgetell]

      Doug really loved that Albert E. head. Weird, I agree.

    • RE: A new Appletell design for 2009 [Appletell]

      @Carlos, yup it is a refresh not a totally new design. We liked what we had, it just needed some updates/improvements. Glad you like it.

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