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    Member Since: June 7, 2007

    Tech Blogger, Web/Internet Entrepreneur, New Media Junkie, all around geek, endurance athlete, proud husband and father!

    Location: Brooksville, Florida
    Birthday: October 31, 1974

    Robert Nelson

    Recent Posts
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    Recent Comments
    • RE: BlackBerry Kickstart is actually the BlackBerry Pearl 8220? [Gadgetell]

      It seems like its marketed to everyone indeed. I am no longer a BlackBerry user but am excited about this release, it may be the replacement for my wife’s current Pearl if it makes its way to AT&T;at any time.

    • RE: Eee PC officially goes mainstream, now available at Target [Gadgetell]

      The 2G is really fine for just a basic internet device, the only issue that I have is the 4G is only $50 more, which seems like a better deal. However either way, the 2G and 4G will surf the web fine.

    • RE: HP announces Mini-Note battery availability [Gadgetell]

      Thanks for the update, I have a 6-cell and wanted a 3-cell, but at that price I will not be getting one. Simply crazy!

    • RE: Time for Gadgetell’s “Who’s on Crack”: iPhone 3G edition [Gadgetell]

      Its OK Josh, and don’t tell anyone, but I also saved mine. 😉

    • RE: Sony Ericsson’s Paris; the leaked details continue [Gadgetell]

      Nothing biased about Nokia here, they have some great handsets available, just happen to be focusing a little more on SE now. We have had and will continue to offer Nokia coverage in the future.

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